George Floyd’s Family Asks UN To Help Disarm Police In the United States


On Memorial Day, George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A video of the incident, in which officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes before the suspect eventually perished, quickly went viral.

Since then, Floyd’s death and subsequent protests and riots which have broken out as a result have taken center stage in both national and international news.

It’s hard to find a media outlet, legacy or otherwise, that isn’t covering Floyd’s death, three memorial services, or loud and outlandish demands of activists who are now calling for police to be defunded.

That’s not all.

Floyd’s bereaved family has now reportedly written to the United Nations, requesting their assistance in disarming police departments in the US, according to NBC News:

The group sent a letter on June 3 to one of the international body’s working groups asking for support for the end of the provision of military equipment and military-type training for police, the teaching of deescalation techniques, independent prosecutions and autopsies for “extrajudicial” police killings, and more.

“When a group of people of any nation have been systemically deprived of their universal human right to life by its government for decades, it must appeal to the international community for its support and to the United Nations for its intervention,” Floyd’s family attorney Ben Crump said in a press release.

It would be hard to find anyone in the US right now who believes that Floyd’s murder was in any way justified. He was not shot, nor was his death the result of “military” style weapons or training.

Chauvin was promptly fired and later charged, and for good reason. If you’ve spoken to anyone who has undergone the type of training that Chauvin went through, they will tell you he most certainly should not have kept his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck for anywhere near as long as he did.

He violated his oath to uphold the constitutional right to life, and he should be punished accordingly.

It is one thing to start conversations about how to avoid such incidents. It is something else entirely to advocate for defunding the police or call on the globalist U.N. to help weaken our police forces. With all due respect to the grieving family of George Floyd.

The U.N. issued a statement on May 28th, Breitbart notes, three days after Floyd’s death, including the names of other high-profile unarmed black individuals who have died during interactions with police.

U.N. Commissioner on Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, is quoted in the statement, which reads, in part:

“This is the latest in a long line of killings of unarmed African Americans by U.S. police officers and members of the public,” Bachelet said. “I am dismayed to have to add George Floyd’s name to that of Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and many other unarmed African Americans who have died over the years at the hands of the police — as well as people such as Ahmaud Arbery and Trayvon Martin who were killed by armed members of the public.”

“The US authorities must take serious action to stop such killings, and to ensure justice is done when they do occur. Procedures must change, prevention systems must be put in place, and above all police officers who resort to excessive use of force should be charged and convicted for the crimes committed.”

“The role that entrenched and pervasive racial discrimination plays in such deaths must also be fully examined, properly recognized and dealt with,” she added.

While saying she understood the anger unleashed by Floyd’s killing, Bachelet urged people in Minneapolis and elsewhere to protest peacefully.

The NBC News report did not mention whether Floyd’s family has received a reply from the U.N.

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