George Soros Dumps $50 Million Into 2020 Election, More Than Double His 2016 Contributions


Globalist billionaire George Soros has shattered his previous record of donations in an election year, funneling roughly $50 million to assorted Democratic campaigns and political action committees

The flood of cash is double the $22 million Soros donated during the 2016 election cycle.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the majority of the money has found its way to Democratic Party hands through his recently-established Democracy PAC.

In the last fiscal quarter, Federal Election Commission filings show that the Democracy PAC issued nearly $17 million in disbursements for a total of $48 million in disbursements this election cycle. Another $4 million, the Free Beacon notes, was handed to Democratic campaigns and committees by Soros personally, not his PAC, bringing his total donations to date to approximately $52 million.

The Free Beacon also reported that “some of [Soros’s] largest donations went to the Nancy Pelosi-linked House Majority PAC ($2 million), Chuck Schumer-tied Senate Majority PAC ($1.5 million), Planned Parenthood Votes ($625,000), and the dark money group Sixteen Thirty Fund ($1 million).”

The Free Beacon astutely noted that Soros’ deluge of cash thrown at Democrats seems to directly contradict statements several candidates, including presumptive nominee Joe Biden, have said about billionaire donors and “big money.”

On his campaign website, Biden declares that “we could improve our politics overnight if we flushed big money from the system and had public financing of our election,” and that “democracy works best when a big bank account or a large donor list are not prerequisites for office.”

Biden’s campaign also promises that, should he win the presidency, he “will reform our campaign finance system so that it amplifies the voices of the public, not the powerful — particularly the voices of working Americans.”

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