Georgia School District Delays New Transgender Bathroom Policy After Parents Speak Out


A group of parents in Georgia has taken a stand against dangerous bathroom policies after the  Pickens County school district was set to implement a new plan to allow transgender students the privilege of using whatever bathroom they choose, as long as they identify as that gender. 

As LifeSiteNews reports, a “massive turnout of angered parents” has moved the school board to hold off on implementing this new bathroom plan. 

Yet another excellent victory for parents! 

LifeSiteNews reports:

Previously, Pickens County allowed “transgender” students to simply use single-occupancy restrooms. But following demands for full access to opposite-sex restrooms, the district announced Monday it would be following recent court rulings that “establish the right of a transgender student to use the restroom which the student identifies with,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The news didn’t sit well with area parents, hundreds of whom attended a board meeting that night to make their displeasure known.

“Most people won’t say anything because they fear retaliation,” said Nathan Barfield, who testified that his two children were uncomfortable with the new rules. “Accommodations have already been made for transgender students. This is nothing but a political stunt to gain attention!” His declaration reportedly received “thunderous” affirmation from the audience.

“Once you give into this, you’ll open the floodgates,” testified Lisa Ray, another parent.

Some LGBT former students also testified in support of the accommodation, with one claiming that “too many LGBTQ youth avoid using the bathroom at all at school, to the detriment of their health.” These did not win over the many in attendance who felt that the school was disregarding the rights of non-trans students.

The school district insists that school staff “monitors all restrooms during class changes; we are asking the staff to be even more diligent in their duties to ensure that … safety concerns do not materialize.” However, bowing to pressure, Superintendent Carlton Wilson said the district was delaying implementation of transgender bathrooms, pending further discussion by the board.

What is particularly troubling about this case and others like it is that the school district had already made concessions to accommodate students who identify as transgender. 

Giving trans students access to single-user bathrooms seems like a perfectly reasonable solution in which all students should be able to feel safe. If trans students are holding in their urine, imagine how many girls are doing the same. Does their health matter as little as their safety?

This is to say nothing of the biological girls who may want to use the boys’ room and put their own safety at risk voluntarily. 

What a scary world for children whizzing down the slippery slope that is the constant affirmation of gender confusion. 


Hopefully, this school district carefully evaluates the potential consequences of these dangerous bathroom policies and opts to prioritize the safety of their students. Good for these parents for standing up for what is right. We need more parents willing to fight the fight and get involved, we can make a difference. Our complacency is the left’s greatest leverage.


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