Germany Breaks Up One of the World’s Largest Distributor of Child Abuse Videos


On Monday, German prosecutors announced that they had managed to take down one of the world’s largest distributors of child pornography, which had reportedly been used by over 400,000 registered members.

In a statement given along with the Federal Criminal Police Office, Frankfurt prosecutors revealed that they’d arrested three German nationals suspected to be the administrators of the platform “Boystown,”  which they said was “one of the world’s biggest child pornography darknet platforms.”

One of the suspects was arrested in Paraguay, where he has been living for several years.

The website has been used since 2019 to exchange images of the sexual abuse of boys and toddlers and prosecutors said they found “images of most severe sexual abuse of toddlers” among the videos.

Authorities also arrested a suspected user of the platform, who is accused of uploading over 3,500 posts to the website, on which he was one of its most active users.

“The platform had several forums and chats — the illegal pictures and videos were kept in the forums; in the chats, the members could communicate,” prosecutor Julia Bussweiler said, according to the New York Post. “There were several language channels to facilitate the communication.”

The website administrators reportedly offered advice to users on how to avoid the scrutiny of law enforcement while using the platform to access child porn.

The prosecutors’ statement explained that German authorities investigated the sick and depraved website for months with the cooperation of Europol and law enforcement officials in the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, the United States, and Canada.

There are few crimes sicker and more unthinkable evil than child sexual abuse…except perhaps the production and trafficking of images of these horrific and depraved acts.

The cruelest of punishments wouldn’t be enough for those who distribute and consume this wicked media. Sometimes we have to take comfort in God’s coming perfect justice for the sins that seem impossible to adequately punish in this life, and implore Him to comfort and save those who are exploited by this disgusting industry.

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