Giant Nude Statue Planned for Washington D.C. Protest. No, Seriously


Why on earth do leftists constantly complain about sexism and objectification of women and then turn around and celebrate naked women? It’s so confusing.

Catharsis on the Mall is a “vigil” held annually in Washington D.C. According to Fox News, they exist to protest the Equal Rights Amendment, but their website gives a very vague description of creating a free space for culture and activism and healing or something. So what they actually exist for is kind of unclear.

At any rate, this Burning Man-inspired group’s goal this year is to bring a 45′ tall statue to the Washington Mall–of a nude woman. They are also trying to raise the $90,000 that would be required to keep the statue there for the four months they’d like to keep it there, across from the Washington Monument and staring down at the White House.

The statue, called “R-Evolution” is, according to the organizers, “a woman standing in her strength and power… expressing her humanity; how she feels when she is safe, when she can just be.”

It appears the statement the statue will make while on display in our nation’s capital is about as clear as the Catharsis on the Mall mission statement.

The woman featured in the statue, which originally appeared at the Burning Man festival in 2015, is doing the yoga “mountain pose”. It is worth noting that the fully-nude figure is also built more like a Barbie doll than Lena Dunham, which is curious.

At the end of the day, this group of artists and activists can string positive sounding words together all they want to, there is nothing empowering or profound about a massive statue of a naked woman. It is simply vulgar.

The left, especially the artistic left, likes to glorify nudity in the name of artistic expression or female empowerment (take the “Slut Walk” for example). There is nothing empowering about the uncovered female form, it is simply trashy and reduces the value of women.

Because really, are these artists any different than Hugh Hefner?