Gillette Unveils Ad Campaign Featuring Trans Teen Shaving With Father


Gillette, who recently poured gasoline on the raging fire that is the culture war with their notorious ad bashing so-called “toxic masculinity,” is now taking on gender confusion, because of course they are.

In their latest ad, a young woman, who identifies as a man, is lovingly taught to shave by her father.


Transgender people are the hot ticket in advertising right now and Gillette is the latest company to jump on the exploitation bandwagon.  Their latest ad features a transgender man, Samson Brown, shaving his face for the first time all under the gentle guidance of his loving father.

First Shave, the story of Samson | #MyBestSelf

Whenever, wherever, however it happens – your first shave is special.

Posted by Gillette on Thursday, May 23, 2019

There are so many things wrong with this video.  

To begin with, Gillette is unapologetically using this young, gender confused individual to shamelessly sell their razors. This kind of exploitation seems to be a growing trend among companies looking to tug on the heartstrings of consumers and make political statements.  

What’s very wrong with this is that, to begin with,  transgender people are actually suffering from a mental illness which should be taken seriously, not used to sell razors.

Can we think of a single other mental condition companies are rushing to glorify to push their products?  

Those who suffer from gender dysphoria need real help, rather than being encouraged to physically mutilate their bodies and change their genetic makeup irreversibly.  This advertisement normalizes this kind of dangerous “treatment,” and repeats the lie that doing so is the only way for someone suffering from gender confusion to live a happy life.

Of course, the other glaring issue with this ad is that it is just another example of the progressive left trying to normalize transgenderism when again, as a mental illness, it is anything but normal.

By normalizing transgenderism, those who hold fast to God’s truth that there are only two genders are increasingly viewed as hateful, intolerant bigots. Only a horrible person would have a problem with this heartwarming moment between a transgender “man” and her father, right?

Gillette likely knew exactly what they were doing when they made this ad.  They knew they would garner support and praise while getting those on the right worked up and offended.  Perhaps Gillette thinks they can force conservatives to “show their true colors” with ads like this.

Gillette doesn’t seem to care if we stay or leave. They certainly demonstrated that with their advertisement campaign from earlier this year unfairly bashing men. They may even know that business will not take a hit from advertising this way.  It isn’t about the product. It’s about pushing the LGBT agenda and forcing a response from those who hold traditional beliefs.

As Christians, we do not need to give our money to companies who use these kinds of tactics in their ad campaigns. They’re telling us pretty plainly they don’t care about our support! There are plenty of other razor companies out there that don’t’ alienate half their base. Let’s start giving our money to companies who value us as customers!


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