Video: Young Girl Whines About Being Told She Can’t Wear Skimpy Clothes At School

A new video from left-leaning feminist outlet ATTN: features a young girl complaining about being told she can’t wear skimpy, immodest clothes at school.


The clip opens with the girl, Molly, whining, “if my tank top strap is more important than my learning, then there is a problem at my school.”

“What girls wear should not be a distraction,” the next slide boldly declares.

Right, it shouldn’t; boys should absolutely refrain from lusting after their female classmates.

But why on earth do so many young girls feel they’re entitled to dress with not a shred of modesty or professionalism?

Later on in ATTN:’s clip, Molly holds up a pair of hot pink short shorts that practically end at the crotch.

“I can’t wear these to school,” she laments before holding up another dress and declaring, “I love this dress but it’s only one finger wide so I can’t wear that to school.”

ATTN:’s clip goes on to state that the impetus for this incessant whining was a stern warning from one of Molly’s teachers informing her that if she wore a tank top to class again, she’d be placed in detention.

“I decided to write #IAmNotADistraction on my arm because I really felt like it needed to be said at my school because I didn’t want to have to go to school every day and be worried about what I’m wearing,” Molly continues to whine.

Oh boy. Just you wait until you enter the work force, Molly.

ATTN:’s clip goes on to state, “girl’s are 3x more likely to get ‘dress coded’ than boys,” adding, “87% of girls feel judged on their appearance and not their ability.”

Condescending Wonka finds this very amusing.

Apparently, in the minds of liberals anyway, the solution to this is not to teach girls to carry and present themselves in a way that makes their ability the center of attention but, rather, to give them a platform to whine about the fact that they’re not permitted to wear skimpy outfits to school.

“Girls should know that they’re not distractions,” Molly, whose video and “#IAmNotADistraction” arm art probably caused quite a distraction at school, continues in ATTN:’s clip.

The clip ends with a screen inviting viewers to “share this video if you think we should end sexist dress codes.”

See the full mind-numbing clip below.

What girls wear is NOT a distraction.

Posted by ATTN: on Thursday, August 10, 2017

While ATTN: certainly did get its fair share of positive comments in response to that video, thankfully a few people are taking a more sensible approach to the whole thing.

“So you mean schools have dress codes just like places of business?” replied one Facebook user. “What a revelation. If you’re dressed inappropriately for work you’ll be sent home or fired.”

Another wrote, “it has nothing to do with being a distraction and everything to do with preparing children for a professional working environment. You know, THE REASON YOU GO TO SCHOOL!”

“Yeah because the dress code only applies to girls,” wrote one male user sarcastically. “I got in trouble so many times in school for sagging my pants, wearing a hat, wearing my hood on my hoodie up, etc. So if we are getting rid of the dress code, make sure the rules for boys goes too.”

In a similar vein, another user wrote, “school has a dress code? What a shocker, so does the work place. Wear what you want outside of school, stop playing the victim because you’re not allowed to wear specific clothing.”

It’s a shame that our youth are being raised to perpetually play the victim instead of accepting responsibility for their own actions, choices and behavior.

As mentioned previously, while no boy should be eyeing a female classmate with lust in their heart, girls likewise need to adopt some modesty and show the world that there really is much more to them than looks and attire.

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