Why Are the Girl Scouts Selling Dangerous & Smutty Teen Vogue Subscriptions?


If you’re a conservative, you’ve probably had your doubts about the Girl Scouts in the past. From rumors of support for Planned Parenthood to gay-friendly policies, they’ve certainly had their fair share of scrutiny from concerned parents and decent folk everywhere.

Regardless, the Girl Scouts can still be a great thing for American girls and young women, and as they’re not permitting boys to join yet (for the most part), it is nice that there is still a (mostly) girls-only organization left in the country that promotes community service, responsibility, and teamwork.

So you can imagine one father’s surprise to find that a seemingly-innocent fundraising activity his daughter takes part in every year, selling magazine subscriptions, was exposing his daughter and other young girls to the pure smut of Teen Vogue, he was shocked.

He immediately penned a letter to a regional director, which he also sent to us.

“As always, I involve myself with every aspect of my daughter’s life,” he wrote. “Like in years past, when it comes time for the sale of magazines, candy, nuts, and cookies, I take the time to help my daughter engage others in making a sale. Not only to help raise money for the Girl Scouts, but to help raise her esteem and confidence in herself.”

“Like some other Girl Scout parents, I help in the cause by selling products to fellow co-workers at my place of business. I too was planning to purchase a subscription to a magazine, as I have in the past,” he continues. “While searching through the list of magazines, I came across one magazine in particular that came as a shock to me that this magazine would be on the list for our Girl Scouts to be selling. That magazine is Teen Vogue.” 

He was aware of the content of this trashy magazine after seeing Elizabeth’s video exposing the anal sex tutorial and says that was what came to mind right away when he saw it on the list of subscription offers.

“One would naturally expect, as the name suggests, that this would be a magazine geared for teenaged girls bearing the interests of the typical teenaged girl,” he explains. “For about a year now, there has been an analogous controversy of one particular columnist and the content of which she writes. Her name is Gigi Engle.”

He explains that Engle is a “sex educator”, even though she lacks the qualifications to callherself one as she is simply a journalist.

“Some of the articles she has written are as follows: ‘Everything you Need to Know About Anal Sex’, ‘How to French Kiss’, ‘What Consent in BDSM Actually Looks Like’, ‘Everything You Should Know Before You Use an IUD’, ‘Six Tell-Tale Signs You’re Horny’ and ‘Six Myths About Queer Sex Debunked’. These are only some of the articles that fill the pages of Teen Vogue.”

He explains that he and other parents he has spoken to are disgusted that the Girl Scouts would have anything to do with this trashy, inappropriate magazine.

“I and many other parents I’ve spoken to find this content to be demoralizing and repugnant. In essence, what I and many of the parents are requesting is that this ‘Teen Vogue’ magazine be removed from the list of subscription options,” he concludes.

This was the response he received:

Thank you for reaching out to me and for being a concerned parent. We contacted our national organization and made them aware of your concerns regarding Teen Vogue being offered as one of our magazine selections. Girl Scouts of the USA and Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England are committed to offering a variety of magazine options to meet the needs of our diverse membership and community. We believe in leaving it to the discretion of the family and caregivers to determine which reading materials are appropriate for their household. Offering Teen Vogue as an option does not constitute an official endorsement between Girl Scouts of the USA or Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England. If you have any other questions or would like to discuss matter further, you may reach out to info@girlscouts.org for further assistance.
Thank you again for voicing your concerns.

Well–you can see the email! Why don’t we all reach out and let the Girl Scouts know how disgusted we are!