Girls Volleyball Coach Fights Hawaii’s “Irresponsible” Transgender Inclusion Policy


It shouldn’t be particularly newsworthy that an individual stands up for common sense and reason, but this is 2019, and insanity rules the day. 

So, when a girls volleyball coach defends their team against policies that would allow biological males to participate in tryouts, change in locker rooms, and compete in matches against actual girls, it is certainly cause to stand up and take notice.

One girls volleyball coach in Hawaii is doing just that in standing up to the Hawaii High School Athletic Association’s (HHSAA) “transgender inclusion” policy.

According to Maui News, the HHSAA adopted the policy back in 2017 which declares that students are “presumed eligible to participate in HHSAA activities in a manner consistent with their school registration records, even if that differs from the sex assigned at birth.” 

Last month, that policy led to a biologically male student joining the Kamehameha Schools Maui girls team at the volleyball opener in Pukalani. Although most HHSAA officials either supported the student’s inclusion or declined to comment on it, one coach in particular had the guts to state the fact that the policy puts these girls at an “elevated level of risk.”

“In my opinion, it’s very irresponsible for the league to place these young women, who are minors, in an elevated level of risk,” the coach said, asking to remain anonymous. “They all sign off on an assumption of risk form for an understandable amount of risk. Now, there’s an elevated level of risk their daughters are going through and being put through without any notification to the parents at all.”

“I have no problem with the kid being who [they] want to be,” the coach added, “but now these girls are being put in an unsafe situation without giving the parents the opportunity to make an educated decision on whether they want their daughter in that position.”

Other HHSAA officials were not quite so forthright as this coach, however.

“I’m not going to say anything about our transgender athlete,” Kamehameha Maui athletic director Jon Viela told Maui News.

HHSAA executive director Chris Chun, the author of the inclusion policy, said that they are still working out the kinks of its implementation.

“I don’t feel comfortable getting into specifics or a specific sport, but safety is always a concern and competitive advantage is also a concern,” Chun said. “Even though we have a policy, it’s kind of like a guideline. It’s still in its early, early transition stages.”

A guideline?! It’s just a guideline to allow a boy to simply declare he’s a girl and start pummeling actual girls at sports?

This madness needs to end! Hawaiian parents, are you going to let your daughters be muscled out of school sports by a boy in a skirt?! 


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