GLAAD President Claims Constitutional Amendment is Needed to Protect LGBT Americans


It truly is extraordinary how liberals seem to think they’re living in a far more oppressive country than they are, and yet they would chide conservatives for criticizing the cultures that truly oppress homosexuals.

The mere fact that Americans exist who oppose their lifestyle is to them, proof that they still need to fight harder for so-called “freedom”, when in reality, they have more freedom than they could possibly dream of.

And that’s just it, really: they’re incensed that they haven’t yet successfully convinced every man, woman, and child in the country that homosexuality is just fine.

This is perhaps why GLAAD president and CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis recently proposed in a piece for Advocate that a “constitutional amendment is the only way to safeguard our lives.”

I’m sorry, what? Has she confused the United States for Saudi Arabia? Last I checked, it’s just as illegal to kill a homosexual in the United States as it is to kill a heterosexual.

No, it turns out, she most certainly hasn’t:

After Pride celebrations wind down, my family gets ready to enjoy the annual July 4 celebration in my small town. My wife and I will join our neighbors at the village green, where a replica of the Declaration of Independence is center stage and our kids run around in red, white, and blue blasting horns.

But when my son and daughter gaze up at the fireworks alongside their peers and celebrate living in the land of liberty and justice for all, I always pause knowing that our family is unjustly not equal to the other families surrounding us.

*Groan* Just…no. This isn’t true at all. Homosexual Americans have exactly the same rights as other Americans, and not only that, but they have quite a few special privileges as well. If someone were to inflict bodily harm on Ellis or a member of her family, they could get a more severe sentence than they would if they’d inflicted bodily harm on a heterosexual person due to “hate crime” policies.

Don’t try telling her that, apparently.

As I stand shoulder to shoulder with my neighbors on July 4, they remain unaware of the discrimination my family faces. They are unaware that LGBTQ people can be legally fired from their job in 28 states just because of who they love or who they are, or that over the past three years we have had to battle over 300 anti-LGBTQ bills in all 50 states. And in our land of the free, LGBTQ youth can still be forced into conversion therapy in 37 states.

My neighbors don’t see how opponents have weaponized freedom of religion in an effort to allow businesses open to the public to deny services to my family. They don’t feel the daggers to my dignity that come every time a court debates just how free and equal we get to be at a particular point in time.

Aaah, there it is. Ellis feels unequal because feelings. The amendment she desires is the recently resurrected Equal Rights Amendment, which would establish a federal law prohibiting employers from firing someone based on sexual identity or orientation.

The states Ellis is referring to, she fails to explain, are states that simply don’t have laws that prevent an employer from being fired for being gay. She ignores the fact that in many of these states, employers can also fire someone for basically any reason, and that there are nineteen states in which it is outright illegal to fire someone based on sexual orientation.

See? They just want more privilege, while failing to be grateful for the incredible liberty they do have. How can we take this kind of language seriously when there are multiple nations across the globe that still actually oppress homosexuals?