“Go Topless Day” In New York City Promotes Public Indecency


The promotion of public indecency under the guise of “women’s rights” or “equality” has been rampant in the last few years, especially in New York City.

“Movements” like “Free the Nipple,” the outright debauchery of nude women posing for photos in Times Square, and explicit “Pride” parades are normalizing public indecency.

In midtown Manhattan on Saturday, women marched topless across the city as part of the 10th annual “Go Topless Day.” About 100 women and 100 men of varying ages paraded topless from NYC’s Bryant Park. An SUV with giant inflatable breasts on top demanded “Equal Topless Rights.”

Some marched with signs reading, “My bod is not a crime,” and “Equalititty for everyone.”
Others wore X’s or tape that said “Censored” across their breasts, even though it’s already legal for women to be nude from the waist up in public in New York City.

This “movement” stretched across 20 U.S. cities from Denver to Seattle, with participants tweeting using the hashtag #FreetheNipple. Canadians in Montreal and Vancouver also took part.

Of course, photographers were taking pictures, and some male hecklers were shooed away by cops.

How Americans can see this as anything other than public indecency and potential sexual harassment of children is just another sign that many people are in desperate need to reconnect with their faith.


NY Post