Good Job on the State of the Union, Mr. President. But You Forgot Something.


Last night, President Trump delivered a rousing State of the Union address to enthusiastic supporters and grumpy Congressional Democrats alike. The speech was surprisingly well-received in polls, with even 46% Democrat voters receiving it favorably.

Trump seemed to touch on all the major issues of our day, highlighting the campaign promises dearest to his heart by sharing the moving stories of a number of important guests he invited to attend the event.

From the tearful parents of two girls brutally murdered by illegal alien members of MS-13 and the police officer and his wife who selflessly adopted the baby of a heroin addict, to a brave bronze star recipient who risked his own life to save a fellow soldier and an amputee defector from North Korea who held up the crutches he had used to escape from the brutal communist regime to rousing applause.

Trump highlighted the moving stories of each of these people to underscore the importance of border security, stern foreign policy, and supporting our police and armed forces. He also spoke articulately and clearly of the importance of reserving aid for UN nations who support our allies, reducing the prices of prescription drugs, addressing the nation’s raging opioid addiction crisis, building infrastructure, and remaining unified as Americans in this great nation.

While many Democratic politicians sat frowning in their seats, refusing even to stand and applaud as he discussed the historically low rate of black unemployment, the morning’s news was surprisingly rife with praise for the historic speech which was quickly hailed as one of Trump’s best. The president managed to make the Democrats look terrible and top off a successful few months of mostly stalwart conservative policy.

It’s great to see the policy Trump has managed to successfully push in the last year, and certainly a breath of fresh air after eight years of Obama.


There was one major topic he failed to address in his speech: the genocide of unborn American lives that is taking place in our country each and every day.

Mr. President, we know you have pledged to elect pro-life judges to the Supreme Court and so far, you have come through on this promise. But to fail to mention the atrocity of human abortion during a speech that focuses entirely on the state of our union is one big failure.

As Democrats whine about how “racist” it is to keep a closed border, it is incredibly vital to remind them of the millions of American citizens who dream of being born and are never allowed that chance.

As long as Americans are being legally killed in the womb, the state of our union is an immoral one. It doesn’t matter how much money you save for us in taxes or how strong the border is if this mass murder continues to happen on our soil.

We are trusting that you will continue to make good on your promises to further pro-life policy in America, but it’s hard to have confidence when you did not even mention it in such an important speech.

We are watching you, Mr. President, and we refuse to remain silent when you overlook such an important issue.