“Good News” Church of Satan Celebrates Death of Christian Missionary


Satanists like to claim that their religion glorifies evil, death, and murder, but they seem to have a funny habit of glorifying evil, death, and murder.

When they’re not working hard to ensure that the cold-blooded murder of human babies in the womb remains legal, they’re apparently happy to take a break to celebrate the death of a Christian missionary, Life Site News reports.

“The Church of Satan posted on Twitter Wednesday a link to an article about the death of 27-year-old American John Allen Chau, a Christian missionary who went to preach to the Sentinelese people,” they report.

Here’s the tweet, with the caption “Finally, some good news.”

The good news being, of course, that a young man lost his life for trying to tell people about the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When one understandably shocked Twitter user asked the Satanists why they’d celebrate someone’s death, they replied that what Chau had been doing was (somehow) akin to murder.

“The same reason I’d celebrate the death of a serial killer or rapist,” Twitter user Typhoid Taylor wrote. “Bad people getting what they deserve is a good thing. Those people protecting their land, people, health, freedom, and tradition is a good thing. He was warned of the consequences.”

Let’s compare what Chau was doing to what the Sentinelese tribe did to him for a moment.

First, Chau had one mission that the Satanists are well aware of. To tell them about Jesus. One Western man, alone, with a Bible and a desire to share the Gospel, hardly amounts to a threat to their land, people, health, or freedom, and if its their tradition to treat foreigners as they treated Chau, perhaps their traditions aren’t objectively good.

At any rate, their precious traditions won out.

Meanwhile, this is what happened to Chau when he attempted to make contact:

On the day he died, Chau was first attacked with bows and arrows shortly after getting off the boat. His attackers then dragged his body to the beach with a rope tied around his neck.

Fishermen who had brought him there reportedly last saw him half-buried in the sand. A helicopter search of the area has so far failed to produce his body.

The ironic thing about those who criticize the spread of Christianity throughout the world is that they inherently link some of the awful things done to native peoples in the past in the name of certain institutional churches or governments that claimed to be Christian to the religion itself.

In reality, much of the carnage natives experienced in places like the Caribbean and Africa were not committed by missionaries themselves, but traders or land developers or conquistadors.

Missionaries have for centuries risked life and limb and forsaken the modern comforts of Western life to reach tribes like the Sentinelese for one reason only: to tell them about Jesus so that their souls can be saved.

But the Satanists have one problem: if Christianity is so wrong, what moral basis do they have for the perceived threat Chau posed to the tribe, anyway? And if he was so wrong to try to simply speak with them, isn’t what they did significantly worse?

It’s tricky business rejecting objective morality and trying to claim any kind of moral high ground.