INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Good Samaritans Create Human Chain To Rescue Elderly Man In Houston

Footage making the rounds online shows dozens of drivers in Houston forming a human chain to save an elderly man from being swept away by Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters.


According to Fox2Now, the man’s SUV was being carried by the floodwaters when several bystanders frantically stepped in.

The Good Samaritans linked their arms together and inched towards the SUV as it was filling up with water. They struggled quite a bit getting the vehicle’s door open, with one rescuer even climbing onto the SUV’s roof, but were able to pull the man out eventually, dragging him to safety.

He was subsequently taken to a hospital and reunited with his son.

See footage of the incredible rescue below.

This is just one of the many incredible rescues to be caught on tape following Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.

See a compilation of numerous such rescues below.

Please continue to pray for the many emergency workers and volunteers that are out there risking their lives to save survivors of Hurricane Harvey.


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