Google Employees Reportedly Furious Over Use of the Word “Family”


If you ever thought that the phrase “attack on the family” was hyperbolic, well, here’s a real-life example of just how literal the attack of the family unit in America really is.

The word “family” is now apparently incredibly offensive.

We know that families, of course, are offensive, we’ve known this for years. The end result of progressivism always seems to be the destruction of the family unit, because the inherent, undeniable need for an intact family unit as the core of our society stands against everything the progressive zealots promote and push for.

And of course, at the end of the day, the best way to weaken a people is to attack the strength of the cohesive family unit, which modern progressives have done all too well in our society over the last century.

So go figure we’d end up here.

The Daily Caller reports that “A Google executive sparked a fierce backlash from employees by using the word ‘family’ in a weekly, company-wide presentation, according to internal documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.”

“Many Google employees became angry that the term was used while discussing a product aimed at children, because it implied that families have children, the documents show. The backlash grew large enough that a Google vice president addressed the controversy and solicited feedback on how the company could become more inclusive.”

An employee who stormed out of the March 2017 meeting went on to post a lengthy rant about the use of the word “family” in an internal company thread, which read:

This is a diminishing and disrespectful way to speak. If you mean “children”, say “children”; we have a perfectly good word for it. “Family friendly” used as a synonym for “kid friendly” means, to me, “you and yours don’t count as a family unless you have children”. And while kids may often be less aware of it, there are kids without families too, you know.

The use of “family” as a synonym for “with children” has a long-standing association with deeply homophobic organizations. This does not mean we should not use the word “family” to refer to families, but it mean we must doggedly insist that family does not imply children.

Even the sense, “suitable for the whole family”, which you might think is unobjectionable, is totally wrong too. It only works if we have advance shared conception of what “the whole family” is, and that is almost always used to mean a household with two adults, of opposite sex, in a romantic/sexual relationship, with two or more of their own children. If you mean that as a synonym for “suitable for all people” stop and notice the extraordinary unlikelihood of such a thought! So “suitable for the whole family” doesn’t mean “all people”, it means “all people in families”, which either means that all those other people aren’t in families, or something even worse. Use the word “family” to mean a loving assemblage of people who may or may not live together and may or may not include people of any particular age. STOP using it to mean “children”. It’s offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.

Well, there you have it.