Video: Fired Google Engineer Opens Up About Company’s Bold Anti-White-Male Culture

James Damore, the Google tech who was fired after authoring a scathing critique of the company’s political correctness, has continued to take shots at the Silicon Valley giant, accusing it of having a bold anti-white-male culture.


Speaking with Ben Shapiro, Damore – who worked with Google for 3.5 years – said that in Google, “you can openly shame white people or all men, and we do this in our company-wide meetings. There’s definitely a bias toward certain movements.”

“They’re putting their ideology before truth,” Damore continued. “When one side is just trying to guilt you and call you names, and the other is actually using evidence and science, you know which one is actually seeking truth.”

See Damore’s full interview with Shapiro below.

This isn’t the only critique James Damore has levelled against his former company since leaving.

CNBC quotes Damore as stating that Google regularly treats “people differently based on race or gender.”

According to him, the company “is pressing individual managers to increase diversity” and promotes people based not on their ability but their race and gender.

In response to his firing, which Damore states came as a surprise, Damore is reportedly planning to sue Google.

While California is an “at-will” state that allows employers to fire workers for nearly any reason, Wired quotes Damore as stating that – just prior to his dismissal – he filed a complaint against Google with the National Labor Relations board.

It is illegal to fire employees in retaliation for such a complaint, which Damore and his lawyers will likely argue was the case with Google.

In case you’re unfamiliar with James Damore’s story, he first made headlines after penning a 10-page manifesto accusing Google of ignoring biology while hiring in favor of social justice.

Instead of respecting Damore’s right to free speech and taking his critique – which psychologists have actually stated holds significant merit – into consideration, Google accused him of “perpetuating gender stereotypes” and gave him the boot.

Since being fired, he has made a number of appearances in right-wing media outlets.

Here’s one interview he gave Stefan Molyneux.

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