Google Has Banned Scientifically Accurate Pro-Life Ads Over “Unreliable Claims”   


Google has banned advertisements from one of the most influential pro-life organizations in the world over claims that ads made “unreliable claims.”

Lila Rose, founder of Live Action Network, took to Twitter last week to break the unsettling news that is the latest example of ideological bias in the way Big Tech conducts business.

One of the ads that made the “unreliable” claims was Live Action’s “Meet Baby Olivia” video, which shows the medically accurate development of an unborn baby in the womb.

Meanwhile, ads for the abortion pill reversal protocol, which has been used by medical professionals for decades to counteract the effects of the abortion pill, were also banned — as ads for the abortion pill itself remain up and running.

“The now-banned Abortion Pill Reversal ads had been approved by Google & running for over 4 months, spending over $170,000 & directing 100s of moms to the abortion pill reversal hotline. Abortion activists knew the ads were making a difference, so they had Google shut them down,” Rose wrote.

“Meanwhile, Google is permitting abortion facilities to advertise next-day abortions & abortion via mail,” she explained. “This is a blatant, political double standard: Google is ok with ads promoting life-ending drugs, but not life-saving treatments. Where’s the ‘choice?’ for women, Google?”

The Western Journal noted that the ads came after the left-wing website The Daily Beast ran a hit piece on Live Action, attacking the legitimacy of “abortion reversal,” which it called “potentially dangerous.”

“Google disingenuously cites ‘unreliable claims’ as their reason to ban the promotion of Abortion Pill Reversal, but has obviously failed to understand the FDA-approved treatment that the reversal technology uses,” Rose refuted in a statement.

“Live Action and pro-life medical professionals across the country are proud to promote the Abortion Pill Reversal regimen, which involves an FDA-approved, bioidentical pregnancy hormone called progesterone that has been used for dozens of years to prevent miscarriage and has already saved thousands of lives.”

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