Google Unveils New Fact-Check Feature, Targets Mostly Conservative Sites


Liberals will rage, rant, rave, and explode on every social media outlet in existence about how evil, vile, and wicked Fox News and other conservative sites are for being so “biased” in their news coverage and commentary.

Never mind the fact that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and others are almost all left-leaning networks who aren’t a bit shy about letting it be known that they clearly support the Democratic Party.

A good example of this is how much air time CNN has given to taking down President Trump and how little they’ve given to important issues, like the fiasco a few years back when it was revealed via hidden video that Planned Parenthood was selling the body parts of children murdered in the womb.

Well, in case that wasn’t enough to convince you there is some serious bias issues within the progressive movement, Google’s latest fact-check feature ought to be sufficient to persuade you.

This tool is almost exclusively targeting conservative sites, promoting the idea that folks on the right are raging liars.

The Daily Caller is reporting:

Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, is now displaying fact checks for conservative publications in its results.
No prominent liberal site receives the same treatment.

And not only is Google’s fact-checking highly partisan — perhaps reflecting the sentiments of its leaders — it is also blatantly wrong, asserting sites made “claims” they demonstrably never made.

When searching for a media outlet that leans right, like The Daily Caller (TheDC), Google gives users details on the sidebar, including what topics the site typically writes about, as well as a section titled “Reviewed Claims.”

Vox, and other left-wing outlets and blogs like Gizmodo, are not given the same fact-check treatment. When searching their names, a “Topics they write about” section appears, but there are no “Reviewed Claims.”

In fact, a review of mainstream outlets, as well as other outlets associated with liberal and conservative audiences, shows that only conservative sites feature the highly misleading, subjective analysis. Several conservative-leaning outlets like TheDC are “vetted,” while equally partisan sites like Vox, ThinkProgress, Slate, The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Salon, Vice and Mother Jones are spared.

Big name publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times are even given a column showcasing all of the awards they have earned over the years.

The Daily Caller also mentions that the fact-check tool also attempts to analyze pieces that were purposefully irreverent, like satire, noting they weren’t completely factual, making it clear this thing isn’t at all close to being a useful means of screening content.

Liberals consistently call for tolerance and inclusivity but when you get right down to the nitty gritty, what they want is tolerance for those who already think the way they think. All others must be silenced by any means necessary.

Why are progressives so afraid of having their worldview challenged by encountering people who think differently than they do?

Perhaps it’s because they are well aware of the fact that once their worldview is put under scrutiny and is examined evidentially, it will be exposed for the sham that it is, thus leaving them with the unattractive option of admitting universal truth, which ultimately leads to belief and submission to a transcendent creator?

In other words, it ultimately means they don’t have the right to do whatever they want with their lives and this is the ultimate horror to them.

Regardless, this fact-check tool clearly puts on display the rampant bias inherent in liberal ideology and exposes the leftist’s deep desire to silence the opposition.