GOP Call on Biden to Fire Education Sec After Claims He Was Behind Letter Calling Parents “Domestic Terrorists”

Screenshot: YouTube

Dozens of Republican lawmakers are calling on President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, to be fired over his alleged link to a controversial letter that compared parents protesting school board meetings to “domestic terrorists.”

The letter was issued by the National School Board Association and called on the Biden administration to address the purported threats of violence being issued to school board members and teachers in connection to school board protests.

The organization has since walked back its language as dozens of state members distanced themselves or cut ties completely with the national arm.

Last week, leaked emails from the NSBA appeared to indicate that Cardona had directed the organization to issue the letter, which had ultimately prompted the Biden Department of Justice to direct efforts to address the threats it detailed.

The Department of Education has denied that Cardona was involved, but as the GOP lawmakers noted, he appointed the author of the letter, Viola Garcia, to the National Assessment Governing Board just after the missive was published.

Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI) penned a letter to President Biden, co-signed by forty-one Republican colleagues, urging Cardona’s immediate firing and stating that if a person “believes an individual that equates parents voicing their concerns at school board meetings to domestic terrorists brings a necessary perspective to a national education board” he is “unbecoming of a role in an administration which has pledged to foster a path forward to unify and heal our country.”

The lawmakers pointed to Biden’s promise to “unite” a divided nation and contrasted this with the NSBA’s alienating rhetoric.

“In your inaugural address before the American people you said, ‘to overcome these challenges- to restore the soul and to secure the future of America-requires more than words. It requires that most elusive of things in a democracy: Unity,’” the letter reads, as reported by Fox News. “Later you said, ‘unity is the path forward.’”

“By soliciting this letter, having their department spokesperson deny the solicitation despite the clear and irrefutable evidence, as well as appointing the letter’s co-signer to a national education board and praising their credentials, Secretary Cardona demonstrated a complete lack of judgement [sic], a divisive approach to his position, and a betrayal of the public trust,” they wrote.

“Your pledge to help bring unity will ring even more hollow if Secretary Cardona continues in his current position,” the lawmakers concluded. “As such, in order to uphold your promise to help bring unity and healing to a divided nation, you must fire Secretary Cardona effective immediately.”

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