GOP Congressman Describes “Pure Courage” of Freshman Reps Who Helped Defend the Capitol


A Republican Congressman from Texas praised the heroism of a handful of freshman representatives who remained behind to aid Capitol police and secure barricades while the remainder of lawmakers were evacuated from the House floor amid Wednesday’s unrest.

Rep. Pat Fallon took to Facebook to laud four freshman Republican Texas Congressmen and two others from Colorado and Oklahoma who exhibited “pure courage” amid the chaos.

“I JUST SAW COURAGE PERSONIFIED!!” Fallon declared, reporting the incredible events.

“We were in the middle of debate when the Capitol Police came into the chamber and told us there had been a breach in the Capitol Building,” explaining that Capitol police initially planned for legislators to shelter in place but quickly changed to an evacuation plan as the situation worsened. “Then the mob literally reached the doors of the House Chamber and the Police were short handed and I AM SO PROUD that Rep Tony Gonzalez, Rep Ronny Jackson, Rep Troy Nehls didn’t hesitate!!! We augmented the Police and stood our ground! We will never be intimated by any mob, regardless of their motivations.”

“The mob reached the actual doors to the House Chamber and there was visible concern on everyone’s faces and yet we stood our ground,” Fallon went on. “Tony Gonzalez and Troy Nehls were literally on the front lines with myself and Admiral Jackson directly behind them and beside Rep Mark Wayne Mullin (who promised he’d be the last person to leave-standing guard while other members, both Democrats & Republicans were being evacuated to safety) and Ken Buck from CO was there as well. We broke off furniture to make clubs to defend the US House of Representatives.”

“Ronny looked over at me and declared, ‘I’m not going anywhere!’ Tony and Troy looked back and nodded reassuringly,” Fallon continued, almost as if recalling a scene from active combat. “I remembered what Tim Grunhard (a center at Notre Dame) would say before a big game at home in South Bend. So I repeated it, ‘This IS OUR House! And we’re gonna protect it!!!’ No one flinched. No one!!!”

“I serve with heroes,” Fallon declared. “My Texas GOP colleagues have been my friends and now they are my heroes!!!”

We then helped the police barricade the set of doors we were guarding with a large piece of furniture and we had stepped to the side to place it there and that’s when the small pieces of glass went flying. “SHOTS FIRED!” Someone screamed. “Rounds fired, rounds fired!!” Shouted another. Those rounds, if that’s what caused that broken glass would have struck us just seconds before.

Concurrently with Rep. Fallon, Rep. Nehls wrote on Facebook:

What I’m witnessing inside the US Capitol is disgusting. Violent extremists stormed the Capitol and were breaching doors and breaking glass in the entrance to the House floor. Shots were fired. It came to the point Capitol Police had weapons drawn and we had to barricade the doors shut. I stood at the door shoulder to shoulder with Capitol Police attempting to calm the protestors talking to them through the glass. This is America, the greatest country in the world. We are better than this. We can disagree and protest but violence is NEVER the answer and must be condemned in the strongest terms.

What I’m witnessing inside the US Capitol is disgusting. Violent extremists stormed the Capitol and were breaching doors…

Posted by Troy E. Nehls on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Rep. Gonzales also wrote, “Police are doing everything they can to deescalate this situation and keep people safe.”

Police are doing everything they can to deescalate this situation and keep people safe. I served our country because…

Posted by Tony Gonzales on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

“I served our country because this does not happen here – it happens in war zones,” Gonzales declared. “America is resilient. We will overcome this divide. Violent protestors are NOT patriots.”

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