Gov. Ralph Northam’s Proposed “Conversion Therapy” Has Massive Double-Standard


The political climate in the state of Virginia is rapidly becoming unworthy of its official motto, “sic semper tyrannis.”

While the state is still home to many stalwart defenders of liberty in public office, one can’t deny the presence of a “blue wave” of tyrannical leftism steadily overtaking the Commonwealth of Virginia, including its highest elected office.

According to Family Research Council (FRC), Governor Ralph Northam (no, he never did resign after the unbelievable “blackface” scandal or his vile advocacy for infanticide) has directed his Board of Counseling to punish counselors or therapists who reach out and help teens struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria. 

To put it bluntly, FRC aptly states, “That’s called putting politics in front of people.” 

From the FRC Blog:

You have heard of these bans. They’re sometimes called bans on “conversion therapy.” LGBT activists describe nightmarish scenarios of cruel methods used on “gay” people to make them “straight,” without any real evidence, to get what they really want: sweeping bans to outlaw not only cruel methods, but all therapy. Even talk therapy. 

They are speech bans, pure and simple.

Eighteen states have already thrown their teens under the bus. Democrats in Virginia have tried and failed to impose these speech bans through the legislative process. So Northam is doing it through the back door, through executive branch planned regulations.

They ban speech about unwanted same-sex attraction, but also about unwanted transgender feelings.

The regulations would ban talk therapy that “seeks to change” a young person’s “gender identity,” including “efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions.”

You’d think these regulations would logically be applied to public educators who shove confusing transgender “awareness” propaganda into the impressionable minds of their young students, but you’d be wrong. 

The regulations also specify that the ban does not prohibit counseling “that provides assistance to a person undergoing gender transition” or that provides “acceptance” and “support” for a person’s “identity exploration.” 

“You got that? It’s a one-way street,” FRC’s Cathy Ruse explains. “Under Northam’s ban, counselors are only allowed to use words that promote transgenderism—they cannot use words to help someone avoid it.”

Not only is this a case of brazen ideological infiltration into public policy, but it also may not even be legal, and it will certainly be dangerous, Ruse says.

“Say a girl suffers from gender dysphoria. Say at some point she ‘socially transitions’ to living as a boy. Maybe she got the idea in her Fairfax County Sex Ed class. Now she wants help living as a girl,” Ruse explains. “Governor Northam wants to make sure she can’t get it. Ah, but if she wants help living as a man, that she can find.”

Thanks to FRC’s call to action, Virginians came out in droves to protest Northam’s measure via the Virginia Town Hall website

“One should hope a therapy ban would fail to pass merely on the basis of common decency,” wrote commenter Joshua Witter. “Where that is lacking (which is common enough these days), I am confident the higher courts will recognize the blatantly unconstitutional nature of this proposed legislation, driven more by a defense of immoral lifestyles than by concern for anyone’s health.”

Another commenter, Wanda Wylam, M.S., perfectly outlined the dangerous nature of the ban:

All Virginians–even our young people–deserve the right to hold private conversations with trusted counselors, free from government censorship. The Board’s Guidance Document threatens the free speech of counselors and it takes options away from clients who are seeking guidance consistent with their religious beliefs. The Board should not be inserting itself in private conversations between counselor and client, and counselors should not be forced to be a mouthpiece for the Board’s favored viewpoint on human sexuality. Further, the Board has no business telling a client what personal goals he/she can or cannot pursue.

A federal lawsuit, Schwartz v. City of New York, that was filed in January 2019, has implications on the adoption of the Board’s Guidance Document. The New York City ordinance censors what counselors can say as they work with their clients.  It allows counselors to help a client explore, develop or gain comfort with same-sex attraction or gender identity but makes it illegal to help a client address unwanted same-sex attractions or confusion over gender identity. Notably, just as the New York City ordinance, the Board’s Guidance Document only prohibits counsel in one direction–that is, it prohibits assisting a client who desires to reduce same-sex attraction or achieve comfort in a gender identity that matches his/her physical body. This is discrimination at its worst. 

It is a proven fact that some people do go on to regret “transitioning” earlier in their lives and, as a result, suffer irreparable damage from the process. If Gov. Northam has his way, these people will be locked into transgenderism whether they like it or not. We cannot allow this to happen!


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