Grandparents With ‘Thin Blue Line’ Pro-Police Flag Targeted in Vicious Drive-by Shooting


A pair of Seattle grandparents believe they were targeted in a vicious drive-by shooting last week over their pro-police “thin blue line” flag.

According to local news outlet KIRO 7, the seniors flew the flag in their yard in support of the Seattle Police Department. Prior to the shooting, the unidentified couple told the outlet, several “derogatory” comments had been made regarding the flag by individuals in the community.

“About twice a week someone was coming by and saying derogatory remarks saying take it down,” the couple told KIRO 7. “I didn’t argue with anybody.”

Before the attack, the couple showed the outlet where vandals had spray-painted “Black Lives Matter” and “ACAB” on the street in front of their home. The couple even took down their original, larger flag and replaced it with a smaller one in an effort to compromise.

Their goodwill attempt wasn’t good enough, apparently, as their home was targeted in the shooting late last week.

Surveillance video provided to KIRO 7 shows a vehicle driving up to the home and firing nine shots before driving away. Six of the shots hit the home and a vehicle. At least one bullet traveled through several walls in the home, making it all the way through to the garage.

The Seattle Police Department reported that the couple was home at the time of the heartless attack, but thankfully neither were injured.

“I went numb. This didn’t really happen did it?” said one of the homeowners. “I’m fearful because I don’t know who it would be that would get that angry.”

The senior added that he has been instructed by local police not to fly the flag for his family’s own safety: “The police said ‘as much as we appreciate your support, we tell our families don’t fly them.’”

“Everybody has an opinion and we’re entitled to it,” the couple declared, noting that they never once imagined their support for police could get them killed in their own home. “You don’t shoot me for it!”

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