Group Dedicated to Destigmatizing Pedophilia Calls for Teaching Kids About Fetishes to Prevent Abuse  

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

An advocacy group that is dedicated to destigmatizing pedophilia and preventing child sexual abuse is calling for children to be taught about sexual fetishes and “chronophilia” as part of so-called Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

As noted by The Post-Millennial, the group Prostasia recently published a blog titled “3 simple steps that can reduce CSA” (child sexual abuse) which outlies these three steps as:

  1. Comprehensive sex ed that includes pleasure, consent, chronophilias, fetishes, etc.
  2. Free, anonymous, stigma-free support for all.
  3. Social services for teens including housing and cash benefits.

“Chronophilia,” as the PM notes, is an uncommonly used term to refer to one who is attracted to people within a specific age range.

Prostasia is openly opposed to sexual contact between children and adults of any kind but has long argued that pedophilia is merely a sexual attraction and one that people are born with and can’t be helped and that education surrounding this assertion can help prevent CSA.

It seeks to destigmatize sexual attraction to children as well as “chronophilia,” which it argues is a legitimate fetish.

“The best science we have on hand right now is that minor attraction is something you are born with and can’t change,” the group writes.

Chronophilia is “simply a scientific way of talking about how for some people, they are sexually attracted to others in a particular age-range, which may not match their own age.” The sexual identity can “go beyond minor attraction, there are age related sexualities on the other side as well.”

Would this apply to middle-aged men who are only attracted to 21-year-old women? They don’t say.

“Minors can have little to no attraction to those in their own age group while being attracted to adults in general (though the onus is always on the adult to say no.)” they explain instead. “There is attraction to middle aged and older adults. And there is fluidity in the same way other sexualities are more of a spectrum. It’s also possible to have a chronophilia, whether it’s minors or adults, but not be exclusively attracted.”

Education must be “centered on sex positivity and consent,” they argue, so that children can be given “a much better chance of leading ethical and satisfying sex lives.”

Sex positivity, by their definition, “is the idea that whatever comes naturally to you sexually, is OK so long as you and any partners consent.”

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