Gruesome, Viral Video Appears To Show Doctors Playing With Aborted Babies Before Tossing Them Like Trash


Warning: The content of the video and the description thereof in this article is highly disturbing and you may find it upsetting.  We will attempt to be sensitive of this while still shining the light on the disgusting practice of abortion.

The practice of killing a precious, sleeping baby in its mother’s womb—what should be the safest place on earth for him or her—is barbaric. Plain and simple.

When pro-aborts try to grab some moral high ground and claim that abortion bans and regulations are draconian and that the state wielding any authority over a woman’s uterus is in itself barbaric, there is nothing more hypocritical considering it is the life, and the rights, of that unborn child that we are concerned about.

While certainly not always the case, for many pro-aborts, what they lack is awareness of the reality of the industry that profits from it.

Do these people even realize what abortion entails? Sadly, many of them, especially younger children being formed into good little leftists by their parents and schools, are woefully unaware of the actual mechanics of an abortion procedure, let alone the ethical implications.

In a video going viral for a second time, absolutely nothing of the reality of abortion will be left to the imagination. After seeing this video, and its supporting resources, there will be no more room for “pro-choice” advocates for feigning ignorance.

In the video, first circulated  by LifeSite last year, a pair of unidentified doctors appear to be  playing and joking with aborted babies before tossing them into a metal tray like trash:

This is horrendous and disgusting beyond all reason. Abortion is already horrific enough. It is utterly devastating to find that there are people who would not only take an unborn child’s life for profit, but joke about it. What’s more, it reveals the humanity of these babies and the brazen disregard on the part of the doctors thereof.

How little value do we place on these precious children? If a mortician were caught doing anything even close to this with the body of a deceased adult or older child, society at large would be demanding their head on a spike.

Not surprisingly, many pro-aborts are dismissing the video as a hoax.

To be clear, if this video was a hoax, it would be required of any credible website to acknowledge their mistake and formally retract any articles or social media posts with the fabricated content. That’s beyond fair.

In fact, we wish this were a hoax. Truly. But, if you take a look at the resources that came to light when the video first dropped, the evidence is damning.

In a video by Operation Rescue, the footage was thoroughly dissected, leaving little room for doubt.

According to LifeSite’s initial coverage of the hideous video, “a large gash in the back of one baby’s neck” is clearly seen. “This wound is reminiscent of how Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell would insert scissors and ‘snip’ the spinal cords of late term babies born alive during shoddy abortions,” their report adds.

It is also possible the incision in the back of the baby’s neck could be from a variation of the partial birth abortion procedure where a baby is birthed except for the head. At that point, an abortionist inserts a suction tube into the back of the baby’s neck and suctions out the contents of the skull. This process is often used by very late-term abortionists in America.

Other Twitter users have pointed out that, since aborted babies and their body parts are a hot commodity in the medical research industry that seeks to “use every part of the buffalo”, it’s very possible that the two adults in the video are researchers, lab technicians, med students, or literally any of the many medical professionals who handle aborted children in their work.

If you are able to stomach it, please review the reports from LifeSite and Operation Rescue and determine for yourself if you believe that the videos do indeed depict the bodies of dead children being so crassly desecrated.

As others, such as Priests For Life director Frank Pavone, have pointed out, if this video is real, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time such a disgusting disregard for the lives of these children has taken place:

In light of this disgusting video and the laws and culture that allow for this insanity to happen, join us in weeping over this nation and seeking the Lord for his mercy on us.


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