Guardian Writer Claims J.K. Rowling’s Views on Gender Far Worse Than Actor’s “Wife-Beating”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock (8344796pl) J.K. Rowling EE BAFTA British Academy Film Awards, Arrivals, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 12 Feb 2017

A writer at the UK publication The Guardian is under fire after asserting that allegations of domestic abuse and violence on the part of a pair of actors is “small beer” compared to author J.K. Rowling’s views on gender identity.

Last week, Ryan Gilbey penned a piece in which he originally asserted that accusations of violence made against actors Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller of the Fantastic Beasts franchise which based on Rowling’s books paled in comparison to the blockbuster author’s controversial statements on transgenderism.

Depp, Gilbey explained, “was asked to leave by Warner Bros after losing his libel case against the Sun newspaper, which had referred to him as a ‘wife-beater’ following accusations of domestic violence made against him by his ex-wife Amber Heard.”

Meanwhile, Miller, who identifies as nonbinary, was captured on video two years ago grabbing a woman by the throat in a bar in Iceland and was arrested just weeks ago in Hawaii over disorderly conduct in a bar and later bursting into a couple’s home and threatening them.

Nonetheless, Gilbey wrote, “This all feels like small beer compared to the controversy that has swirled around Rowling over the past few years, ever since a long essay she wrote about her gender-critical feminism put at the centre of the row about trans rights.”

Rowling has ignited the ire of many LGBT activists for her public support of Maya Forstadter, a British woman who was fired from her job over a tweet in which she stated that men could not be women.

The Harry Potter author, who stands out as one of the most successful authors and wealthiest self-made women in history, has since issued intermittent tweets emphasizing her opposition to gender theory.

The essay that Gilbey noted explains at length Rowling’s support for the LGBT community as well as her commitment to feminism as well as her own history of domestic violence and nuanced views on biological men using women’s facilities.

Rowling, in short, is no staunch traditionalist and by no means opposes people living their lives as members of the opposite sex, but her refusal to apologize for her concerns about gender theory has made her a prime target of transgender activists and their proponents.

She has been criticized by many of the stars of the original Harry Potter film series and branded a “TERF,” a pejorative term used by transgender advocates which means “trans-exclusive radical feminist.”

Yet Gilbey’s words were criticized by some who felt that he went too far by characterizing domestic violence, disorderly conduct, and violent threats as “small beer” as compared to Rowling’s views, as Fox News reported.

“So according to the Guardian here: ‘wife-beating’ and choking women in public are ‘small beer’ compared to JK Rowling writing accurately about the law, biology and her own victimization,” UK journalist Sarah Ditum wrote.

The Guardian later issued a correction, noting that the paragraph had been edited after the original version “inadvertently appeared to downplay the actions of Depp and Miller.”

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