Guess Which Country Is Allowing A Third Gender Option On Passports?


More choices are typically a good thing – but there are plenty of instances in which too many choices can lead to further problems.

Here’s an example of that, and it comes courtesy of our friends North of the Border.

As LifeSiteNews shares, “Canada’s Liberal government has cleared the way for Canadians who don’t want to identify as either male or female to opt for an X on their passport.”

Jack Fonseca, senior political strategist with Campaign Life Coalition, sums up the thoughts of many with his pointed response.

“This is so harmful,” Fonseca said. “The government trying to force its citizenry, en masse, to deny scientific fact and biological reality.”

Fear not, says Toronto immigration lawyer Adrienne Smith. She indicates that identifying folks by their birth gender is an unnecessary hassle.

“Gender isn’t necessary for security purposes to be listed on an identity document,” she said, LSN reports. “We now have biometric passports, we have fingerprints, we have other much more secure forms of establishing identity.”

Well, when you explain it like that…we walk away saying ‘What???’

Security at the borders and other travel destinations is tough enough. As much as liberals want to welcome everyone with open arms to their safe spaces and give them a big old hug, the reality is that some bad folks slip through the cracks.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to make it even more challenging to properly verify a person’s identity?  

That’s the obvious concern from this shortsighted decision, but there’s many, many more that could fill up reams of paper. As always, this small victory is not enough for activists.  

“Meanwhile, transgender activists complain this doesn’t go far enough, and that the provinces are dragging behind their federal counterpart,” according to LSN.

Another inch has been given by liberal leadership in Canada. We’re not too optimistic that they’ll be pleased with the results of that shortsightedness in the future.

Source: LifeSiteNews