Hallmark Airs Lesbian Wedding Commercial, Meets Intense Backlash


The  Hallmark channel has begun airing a commercial featuring a lesbian wedding, just days after Bill Abbott, CEO of Crown Media, Hallmark’s parent company, said he is “open to”  original movies featuring gay couples in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

The Hallmark channel has been a traditionally family-friendly channel where those with conservative and traditional beliefs could go to safely watch movies with their children. Just when we learned their well-loved original Christmas movies may soon serve to virtue-signal to the LGBT left, we now apparently have to screen the commercials before sitting down and enjoying them with our children. 

The commercial in question is for the wedding planning company Zola, which has a history of including gay couples in their commercials. This particular ad takes place at a wedding for two lesbians and at the end, the lesbian couple engages in an open-mouth kiss. It’s no wonder there has been major backlash, and rightfully so.

Reformation Charlotte reports:

Several of Hallmark’s viewers were upset and reached out to a pro-family advocacy group, One Million Moms, with their complaints. One viewer complained,

“Why would you show a lesbian wedding commercial on the Hallmark Channel? Hallmark movies are family friendly, and you ruined it with the commercial.”

While another viewer said,

“Our family was watching a wonderful Hallmark movie based on a true story. It was late, but our daughter was up late with us. During the commercial break, there was a commercial from Zola with two women lip locking! Please Hallmark … we are fed up with having the gay agenda crammed down our throats! You are one of the few channels we thought we would not have to deal with this issue! Please remove this and any other gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anything else it is called from your channels. … We love you but won’t keep watching with this type of ads.”

The pushback is deserved and hopefully, Hallmark hears their viewer base and acts in accordance with their concerns instead of the aggressive LGBT leftists who want nothing more than to see the traditional family unit destroyed. Hallmark is alienating its own viewers with this ad.

Unfortunately, it seems we have seen this time and time again with companies who cave to LGBT bullying. Hallmark could be testing the waters with this commercial. They’re trying to gauge just how serious their viewers are about traditional values. It’s time to show Hallmark that we don’t want to be subject to LGBT propaganda and if Hallmark can’t respect that, they will lose viewers! 

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