What Happened When a Christian Flight Attendant Tried to Stand Up to Her Pro-Abortion Union


If you were hired by a company that forced you to pay dues to the union, wouldn’t you be upset if the union used those dues to support causes you disagreed with? And what if this cause was the Women’s March?

That is exactly what happened to Southwest Airlines employee Charlene Carter, who is currently filing a federal discrimination lawsuit against the airline and Transport Workers Union Local 556 for what she believes was an unfair termination.

She is being represented by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, who says she was fired following a series of social media posts in which she expressed her Christian pro-life and right-to-work views.

As an employee of Southwest Airlines, Carter was forced to pay union dues to the TWUL, despite having left the union in 2013 after learning they were supporting causes that were contradictory to her beliefs, according to The Christian Post.

After she discovered that the union had been using her dues to send members to the Women’s March in January, she took to Facebook to express her views and criticized the clear bias of the union president, Audrey Stone.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Carter accused the union of using her dues to support abortion, and also sent a link to Stone illustrating just how gruesome abortion can be.

“This (an abortion) is what you supported during your Paid Leave with others at the Women’s MARCH in DC,” the Washington Free Beacon reports that Carter wrote in a Facebook message to Stone. “Wonder how this will be coded in the LM2 Financials … cause I know we paid for this along with your Despicable Party.”

Shortly afterward, Carter was fired by Southwest Airlines for supposedly bullying and harassing Stone, a fellow flight attendant.

The National Right to Work Foundation says this is nothing short of political and indicative of the way unions take advantage of their power over employees.

“This case shows the extent to which union officials will wield their power over employers to violate the rights of the workers they claim to represent,” Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Foundation, says. “Charlene Carter did nothing wrong. She merely voiced her opinion and opposition to her money being used for causes she opposes, expressing her protected religious beliefs. Southwest and TWUA union officials need to be held accountable for violating Charlene’s rights and the National Right to Work Foundation is pleased to help her stand up to this campaign of harassment.”

It is just insane that a union would think it was just fine to take union dues and use them to send members off to such a clearly biased, pro-abortion event like the Women’s March. Carter was singled out and discriminated for many reasons and simply had no place to voice her adamant objection other than Facebook.

Please pray for Charlene Carter that she may find justice in the wake of such a frustrating situation.