Harvard’s Men and Women’s Choirs Have Officially Gone the Way of the Boy Scouts


Are leftists aware that there are women, homosexuals, and gender confused individuals all over the world who are actually being oppressed?

But apparently, to the politically correct armies overtaking our nation’s higher learning institutions, the real battle begins at home…in single-sex on-campus groups.

Now, let’s be clear: forcing women’s group to accept men is the literal opposite of feminism, so if that’s the driving force between this kind of mandated “inclusion”, it’s completely failing.

Life Site News has the story:

Harvard University is forcing two century-old choirs to accept members of the opposite sex, despite the campus already having a mixed singing group, in the name of political correctness.

The all-male Harvard Glee Club and all-female Radcliffe Choral Society, founded in 1858 and 1899, respectively, have “chosen” to both become co-ed, Breitbart reported. The decision follows a move by Dean Rakesh Khurana to punish students who join single-sex clubs by denying them leadership positions with sports teams or campus organizations,and even recommendations for fellowships and scholarships.

“The discriminatory membership policies of these organizations have led to the perpetuation of spaces that are rife with power imbalances,” Khurana claimed at the time. “The most entrenched of these spaces send an unambiguous message that they are the exclusive preserves of men.”


How does allowing men into a women’s group balance this out?

This kind of politically correct, virtue-signaling nonsense is the language we’ve gotten used to from our college campuses, but it sounds just as stupid coming from a Harvard administrator as it does from a pink-haired, vagina-hat wearing keyboard warrior on Twitter.

Life Site News also notes that this decision neglects to take into account that “differences between men and women have always been intrinsic to the art of singing, with the different sexes having unique voices and being naturally inclined to different vocal ranges. Scores are written with these differences in mind, and various combinations — such as the men’s choir, women’s choir, or the school’s preexisting, mixed-sex Collegium Musicum — are what produce such a rich diversity of music.”

If Harvard has so little regard for centuries of musical tradition, what does this say for their regard for critical thinking, classical education, the Socratic method? What is happening in our once-prestigious learning institutions?

Never have the words “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) been truer….