Harvey Weinstein is CURED of His Sex Addiction! (Guess How Long It Took?)


Harvey Weinstein has been having a rough time lately. As dozens of women have come forward alleging him of sexual assault and even rape and two criminal investigations are targeting the king of the indie film universe, he’s had to come to terms with the fact that he might have something to blame other than his own rotten morals: sex addiction. 

And thank goodness for this, because otherwise, he might actually have to admit he is a ragingly sinful individual who systematically preyed on young women from his tremendously powerful perch atop one of the most successful film studios in Hollywood history.

The Daily Wire reports that, amid a mad scramble for damage control, Weinstein had recently checked into an inpatient sex addiction therapy program. According to fluffy entertainment news, it went swimmingly.

“Harvey has been ‘dealing with his anger, his attitude toward others, boundary work and the beginnings of work on empathy,” a psychologist at the facility Weinstein was checked into told TMZ, with his permission, which one imagines considering how much he probably dropped for this tactful publicity move.

The psychologist would not, however, confirm reports that his wealthy and now-notorious client had fallen asleep during group session and made frequent jokes.

Weinstein has now checked out of the clinic after an exhausting entire week of therapy sessions, clearly all ready for a fresh start.

He will spend the next few weeks relaxing in lavish luxury in Scottsdale, Arizona, as he finishes up a few more weeks of outpatient care.

According to reports, he is eager to return to work, but many rumors have circulated that he is likely to get booted from the company.

Briefly checking into a sex addiction inpatient clinic to treat Harvey Weinstein’s sin is a complete joke, but this is the worldview of these atheist, Hollywood elites who see the world in a materialistic sense.

Harvey Weinstein’s problems aren’t “sex addiction”. Just like many people in Hollywood are claiming that everyone knew about his predatory behavior, Weinstein knew exactly what he was doing. Calling it “addiction” just shifts the blame onto something he can’t control, but he’s been in control this whole time, and now he’s just being thrown under the bus.

The only thing that will truly “fix” Weinstein is admitting his sin and repenting of it, but materialists never want to do that, they just want to find something to cover up their sin.

Only Christ can cover up Weinstein’s sin’s and until he accepts Him, he will never be able to hide from the consequences of his actions!