Heartbreaking: Mother Forced To Order Her Own Child On Sex Trafficking Site To Get Her Back

A mother’s worst nightmare: losing her child.


What is even more horrifying than your child disappearing? Knowing that they’re unsafe, in a situation they can’t control, being abused by perverse adults.

A woman by the name of Kubiiki Pride knows that pain.

Pride did everything she could to get her daughter back when she ran away from home at the age of 14, to no avail.

The unimaginable pain from losing her child was momentarily lifted when, nine months later, Pride found a picture of her daughter online. Moments later, however, the horrifying truth that her daughter was a victim of sex trafficking set in.

Pride explained the horrifying moment and the mixed emotions she felt to The Chicago Tribune:

“My first emotion was complete happiness. Just seeing my child alive made me so happy. When I took the whole picture in, that’s when I noticed the nakedness, the tattoos and the other woman in the pictures.”

Pride eventually ordered her own daughter from the escort service site so that she could save her.

According to CBS News, Pride’s daughter is still recovering from the traumatic ordeal.

“She’s still very much broken. She was trafficked for nine months. She was raped. She was physically abused,” the outlet quotes Pride as stating  

This story is a tragic story that unfortunately mirrors so many in America today.

There are so many sick perverts in the world that a child who runs away from home is bound to end up the victim of.

That’s what happened to Pride’s child when she ran away from home at the young age of fourteen. It didn’t take long at all for her to be abused, raped, and put up on Backpage.com with a for-sale sign.

Despite Backpage.com’s longstanding association with child sex trafficking, however, Google continues to defend the website.

Yup, you read that right.

As reported previously, Google actually recently lobbied members of Congress, imploring them to shoot down legislation aimed at crippling Backpage.com’s ability to profit from the sexploitation of children.

“The bills undercut one of the foundational statutes for the internet: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act,” an email sent from Google to lawmakers read.

Funny that Google would mention “decency” with the same breath as used to defend a website that has earned millions from sex trafficking.

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