Heartbroken Mother Shares Powerful Photos Of Her Miscarried Baby To Prove Abortion Is Murder

One of the photos Felicia Cash shared.

Many proponents of abortion like to distance themselves from the horrors of the procedure by insisting that the matter being ripped from a woman’s womb is merely fetal tissue and not anything resembling a baby one should feel bad about killing.


As one woman’s heartbreaking Facebook post proves, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

According to Live Action News, Felicia Cash and her husband spent 13 long years trying to have a child before deciding to adopt three young sisters. Amazingly, the very next day, they learned Felicia was expecting.

Through the grace of God, Felicia and her husband were able to have another child of their own over the next several years.

But during Felicia’s third pregnancy – in the spring of this year, with twins – things got rough.

“We had multiple pregnancy complications, starting at six weeks,” Live Action News quotes her as stating.

“We had not seen a doctor at that point yet; they don’t usually want to see you until you are eight or nine weeks,” Felicia reportedly continued, going on to share how her concerns increased with time.

“So I went into the hospital, bleeding, in fear of miscarriage. They did an ultrasound and told us that we had lost one of two, but that the second baby looked healthy and strong. We had other scares when bleeding started again and again, but were told it was just due to the first loss and a hematoma beneath the placenta.”

That wasn’t the case, however; tragically, on the morning of July 24th, Felicia unexpectedly miscarried one of her twins, just 14 weeks into her pregnancy.

The baby’s appearance shocked her and inspired her to pen an incredibly eye-opening Facebook post.

“At less than half gestation he is very obviously human, not a cluster of cells, not a lump of tissue, not a blob of unformed flesh,” the post reads.

“He is a beautiful child, formed by God, and now gone to be with Him.”

“I am posting this in hopes of offering information to those who may not know how completely a child of only 14 weeks gestation is formed,” the post continues.

“And therefore not something to be taken lightly.”

Felicia’s post further shares a number of incredible facts about just how quickly babies begin developing in the womb – from their first heartbeat at 16 days to the development of their nerve endings at 7 weeks.

The post also contains heartbreaking photos of Felicia’s miscarried baby that prove her point.

“As a final plea,” her post winds down, “if you are considering abortion, please take time to find the truth and reconsider. This is not an effort to shame, belittle, or condemn anyone in any way. It is the plea of a woman who just lost her child for you to at least consider other options.”

“There are people who are willing to help. I am willing to help.”

A number of people have subsequently commented on just how powerful Felicia’s Facebook post is.

If this post has reached you at a time when you or someone you know are struggling with the decision of whether or not to have an abortion, please visit this page for information from Live Action News on what to do.

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