Hero in Handcuffs While Killers Go Free?


In a terrible case of injustice, Susan Merritt will be handcuffed and charged today with 15 felony counts brought against her by the State of California at the behest of Planned Parenthood.

Do you remember those gruesome undercover Planned Parenthood videos that revealed how the abortion giant profits from the illegal sale of aborted baby parts? Well, meet the woman on the other side of that hidden camera…Susan Merritt. Merritt and David Daleiden heroically and meticulously went undercover to expose the barbaric practices of abortion.

Merritt and Daleiden’s risky undercover work provided the public with a trove of evidence that would dramatically change the public’s previous perceptions about Planned Parenthood. We all watched with horror as the abortionists callously described crushing the babies inside the womb while nonchalantly crunching on their salad and sipping their wine.

I am personally and profoundly indebted to Merritt and Daleiden. Even though I have been active in the fight to end abortion for 20 years, something I can’t describe happened to me while watching their videos. My occasional trek to the abortion clinic to offer help to moms and dads turned into a weekly commitment and a team of volunteers who daily make the dreaded drive to Planned Parenthood to stand in the gap for helpless babies.

Because of Merritt and Daleiden’s heroic sacrifice, this mom and dad chose life in Columbus, Ohio and are enjoying their new baby as we speak…

Because Merritt and Daleiden loved their neighbor enough to get off their duffs and do something about child sacrifice in America, these moms chose life and these babies live today…

So many lives have been saved and so much suffering has been avoided because of the heroic efforts of Merritt and Daleiden, and yet the heros are the ones being handcuffed in our upside down country!

Planned Parenthood continues to be funded through our tax dollars, according to the most recent budget.

Babies continue to be decapitated and torn limb from limb, while the two God-fearing individuals who exposed them are being charged with bogus crimes concerning “filming people without their permission!” Aaaaaaahhhh!!!! It’s enough to cause your head to explode! Crooked politicians want to lock people in jail for their courageous undercover investigation while the butchers of babies continue to enjoy their high-priced salaries and galas where they award trophies to the likes of Hillary Clinton (aka Killary).

One of Merritt’s lawyers posted this plea for prayer yesterday:

Please be in prayer today for Susan Merritt and David Daleiden and their lawyers. May justice be done and the holocaust against innocent children end.