HE’S BACK: “Jessica” Yaniv Is Suing Yet Another Esthetician For Refusing To Wax Him


Oh my word, folks. Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is STILL a free man and, as we’ve predicted, he’s still lobbing predatory discrimination lawsuits at virtually every business owner he encounters.

According to The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, the self-styled transgender activist recently filed his eighth complaint against a local esthetician with British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal, in spite of the utter failure of his previous attempts to sue women for refusing to handle and wax his intact male genitalia.

Once more, Calgary-based JCCF is representing Yaniv’s victim, Vancouver’s She Point Beauty Studio.

“Women have a constitutional right not to be compelled to touch biological males in an intimate or highly personal manner if they are not comfortable doing so,” said lawyer Jay Cameron, who represented five previous estheticians sued by Yaniv.

“Like male genital waxing, our client does not offer male leg-waxing services to the public, and we intend to vigorously defend against this targeted harassment on behalf of our client,” Cameron said.

More details from JCCF:

Yaniv approached the studio in August 2019 and first requested a Brazilian bikini wax.  The studio refused, stating that their services are only for women. Yaniv then requested leg waxing services. Leg waxing takes place in private with the customer in their underwear or nude from the waist down. She Point Beauty Studio rejected Yaniv’s request for services due to religious, cultural and safety reasons, and because the salon services are specialized to women. Yaniv filed the complaint against She Point Beauty Studio in early October 2019.

In a late October ruling, Tribunal member Devyn Cousineau ruled that it was Yaniv, not the various estheticians, many of which were immigrants and racial minorities, who was guilty of discrimination:

However, I find that Ms. Yaniv’s predominant motive in filing her waxing complaints is not to prevent or remedy alleged discrimination, but to target small businesses for personal financial gain. In many of these complaints, she is also motivated to punish racialized and immigrant women based on her perception that certain ethnic groups, namely South Asian and Asian communities, are “taking over” and advancing an agenda hostile to the interests of LGBTQ+ people. These motives are not consistent with the Code’s purposes, and in particular its purpose of promoting a climate of understanding and mutual respect, where all are equal in dignity and rights.

I reach this conclusion based on a number of factors:  

a. The volume of similar complaints and the profile of the Respondents;
b. Ms. Yaniv’s use of deception to manufacture some of these complaints;
c. Ms. Yaniv’s efforts to punish the Respondents;
d. Ms. Yaniv’s stated desire to resolve all of her complaints for a financial settlement and her pattern of withdrawing complaints in the face of opposition; and
e. Ms. Yaniv’s animus toward certain racial, religious, and cultural groups. 

Although Yaniv came startlingly close to victory in his cases against these women, ultimately Cousineau ruled in their favor and ordered Yaniv to pay a total of $6,000 to the women he sued. Although Cousineau reduced his fines citing his inability to pay and “torrent of backlash and hatred” against him, Yaniv has yet to pay a penny according to JCCF.

No date has yet been set for a hearing of Yaniv’s latest complaint, but JCCF anticipates it will occur sometime this year.

While it’s tempting to laugh this off and assume that yet another human rights case from Yaniv will be an easy win for JCCF, I’d like to remind you of just how close Yaniv came to winning the previous case. Before elaborating on the many reasons why Yaniv is clearly a money-grubbing racist, Cousineau had this to say:

I accept that Ms. Yaniv is partly motivated by her desire to fight what she perceives as pervasive discrimination against transgender women in the beauty industry. In that sense, her motives do align with Code’s purposes of eradicating discrimination and providing victims of discrimination with a means of redress. Further, if not for this application, I would likely have concluded that at least one of Ms. Yaniv’s complaints about arm and leg waxing was justified. [emphasis added]

This should terrify you. If Yaniv had been successful in scrubbing his social media of all hints of racism, or if he’d perhaps been more modest in his demands and less prolific with his complaints, or if he’d simply demanded that a woman wax his arm or leg against her will rather than his genitals, he could have won. 

This is the crux of the issue. Yaniv’s entire case is centered around the belief that transgender “women” are real women and thus entitled to all the rights and privileges afforded to real women according to their sex. Yaniv is inching the transgender movement ever closer to its goal of social supremacy. We will be watching this case very closely.

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