High Court Rules In Favor Of Mother Seeking To Abort Her 24-Week Baby Due to Disabilities


A viable, late-term, pain-capable preborn baby can now be legally aborted after its mother sought approval from an Indian high court for the procedure.

According to The Hindu, the mother asked the Delhi High Court for permission to have a late-term abortion after her preborn child was diagnosed hydrocephaly and a facial hemorrhage. On Tuesday, the court ruled in the woman’s favor.

The woman is reportedly at least 24 weeks along in her pregnancy. With proper medical care, preborn babies can survive outside the womb at 22 weeks gestation or even earlier.

Permission was granted even though a medical report submitted to the high court argued that a late-term abortion may put the mother’s life at risk due to heart problems and taking blood thinner medication.

The mother and her lawyers argued that the procedure would indeed be safe for her because of modern medical technology and claimed that giving birth to her baby alive could cause her “to suffer excruciating pain and agony.”

Meanwhile, it appears the excruciating pain and agony experienced by her pain-capable baby was not an issue. Typically, a third-trimester abortion is done by injecting a poisonous potassium chloride solution through the woman’s abdomen and into the baby’s heart, painfully causing his or her heart to stop beating. A few days later, drugs to induce labor are administered to the mother and she delivers her baby’s lifeless body.

Although abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy are prohibited in India, recent years have seen courts granting countless exceptions in cases of rape and physical disabilities—neither of which reduce the fact that each child is a precious life knit by its Creator.

About 15.6 million unborn babies were aborted in India in 2015, according to the Guttmacher Institute, ranking it among the most murderous nations in the world in the holocaust of the preborn.

Never stop praying for each and every one of these precious babies and their parents. We can change this wicked world!!

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