Since We’re Renaming Things… What About This Highway Honoring A Democrat Klansman?

The violence and carnage that broke out in Charlottesville on Saturday has sparked all kinds of emotions.


While there have been plenty of thoughts and prayers offered up for the young lady that lost her life, Heather Heyer, far much more attention has been given to other topics stemming from the scary events.

Much of the debate centers on Confederate monuments, and what – if anything – should be done about them.

The liberal school of thought views them as racist symbols that need to be removed immediately.

Another school suggests that the Confederate figures are a part of our nation’s history, and we can’t simply wipe the blemishes away because it makes some folks uncomfortable. 

If we remove these monuments, where does it end? There’s unfortunately plenty of blemishes on the history of our great nation. Do we simply wipe them all away?

An interesting situation has arisen deep in the heart of Texas that helps place the whole issue into perspective.

James Dunn, a former teacher and black activist, has started a petition to scrub the name of R.L. Thornton, a former Democrat (although Dunn, who himself is a liberal, leaves that part out) mayor of Dallas, from two stretches of highway.

Image via Time/AP/Breitbart

Why would he want to do that?

As Breitbart shares, Thornton was a Klansman.

Yes, a Democratic Klansman that has been honored on two stretches of highway.

As Dunn sees it, “African-Americans, Hispanics, everyone, whites, should be insulted that we have a freeway named after a former Klansman,” Breitbart notes.

Interestingly enough, as of writing, Dunn’s petition has received a whopping 143 of its desired 50,000 signatures.

In other words, it’s not getting nearly as much attention as the outcry against other supposedly racist monuments in the U.S., such as a Confederate statue in Fort Sanders which is the subject of a petition signed by 1,746 people demanding its removal.

Also lacking attention is a bust in the Smithsonian Museum of liberal hero Margaret Sanger, a vile, racist woman whose proud goal for the organization she founded – Planned Parenthood – was the whittling down of the black community.

It seems that, for liberals anyway, some historical figures are more vile than others. The sole deciding factor? Where they lie on the political spectrum.