Hollywood Releases Movie Featuring 6th Graders Using Sex Toys


If there was any piece of evidence that negates the progressive left’s qualifications to speak on moral standards, it would be their blatant disregard for the innocence of children. 

Not only do they push the perverted, immoral LGBT lifestyles but they enthusiastically support movies and TV shows that depict sex, rape, adultery, homosexuality, and all other manners of immorality. Of course when it comes to natural rights or traditional values, suddenly Hollywood elitists feel entitled to lecture the rest of us on morals and character. What a joke! 

This is an industry that, as we have log documented, seems to glory in sexual immorality, particularly the sexualization of children. 

In a disgusting display of this heinous trend, the latest movie from Seth Rogen depicts sixth-grade boys using a plethora of profane language, doing drugs, and even playing with sex toys. 

This is sick. 

If you haven’t yet seen the preview for this movie, here is a brief run-down from Summit News:

In the film’s trailer, actor Seth Rogan[sic] jokes that the main child actors can’t even watch the trailer for their own movie because it is “too messed up for kids your age.”

The first scene in the trailer from the actual movie portrays the pre-teen boys playing with a gimp mask, dildos and anal beads, which one of the child actors complains, “smell like sh**.”

While swearing profusely throughout, the trailer also portrays the boys bringing ecstasy to a playground.

How can anyone defend this kind of filth and vileness? What parent thinks the behavior in this movie is appropriate for children in this age range? Sixth graders, by the way, are usually 11- and 12-year-olds. The movie is rated R, so adults are the only people permitted to see it. There are adults who would find this kind of “humor” entertaining? This is perversion.

This is to say nothing of the kids whom an entire team of adults, along with their own parents, are exploiting for the sake of adult entertainment. 

The movie was called out by some Twitter users like Robby Starbuck, who says, “Universal is putting out a film called ‘Good Boys’ featuring 6th graders playing with sex toys, drugs, porn & worse. The poster brags it’s rated R because it features crude sexual content, drugs & alcohol ALL involving TWEENS,” then he goes on to ask, “Who’s the audience for this?”

That’s exactly what we’re wondering. 


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