Hooray, Women Can Drive in Saudi Arabia! Maybe They Can Have Some Real Rights Now Too?


Saudi Arabian women have now been granted the right to apply for drivers licenses. What a great victory for women’s rights everywhere!

By Royal Decree of King Salman, beginning in June of next year, women will be able to freely drive the streets of Saudi Arabia, given they can clearly see the streets through their massive burkas, of course…no word yet on how that will work.

Women’s liberation is clearly in the air! Women in Saudi Arabia have been protesting for the right to drive by holding organized “drive-ins” in which women would defy restrictive laws and take to the streets in the cars they weren’t legally allowed to drive…not really sure how that worked.

At any rate, they have secured their liberation from the passenger’s seat! Actually, they might be made to ride in the back seat if a man is driving, come to think of it…

After all, they still have to sit separately from men in mosques and most public places. They also have to use separate entrances in many public places and are banned completely from eating in restaurants that do not have a “family” section.

So maybe they’ll petition the King for a little freedom here?

Speaking of petitions, not sure if they’re allowed to do that. They certainly can’t apply for a bank account, loan, passport, government ID, or any job without the permission of a male guardian. Of course, now they can apply for a drivers license without a male guardian, remember? Yay!

The ‘term’ guardian might seem odd for a grown woman to have, but that makes more sense when you consider that they basically have the same rights as a minor. So it’s basically like they’re children, and simply need their trusty male guardian to sign their permission slip to do grown-up stuff!. It’s simple, really!

Often, this male guardian is a parent or spouse. If their spouse is brutally abusive, which does happen since abuse is terribly common in Saudi Arabia, they can’t apply for a divorce and are certainly not entitled to custody over their own children.

You might think that securing custody for your own life’s blood if your husband divorces you would take precedence over getting a driver’s license, but maybe not.

At least the full-length burkas women are legally required to wear when leaving the house probably make hiding bruises from your abusive spouse a little easier.

In all seriousness, demanding the right to drive might seem like some kind of start for the rights of Saudi Arabian women, but in reality, their government isn’t going to change the root cause of why they rank 141 out of 144 for women’s parity globally.

Saudi Arabia oppresses women because they are an Islamic theocracy. Their laws are governed by the demonic teachings of the Koran and the Islamic sources, which teach that a woman’s value is less than that of a man’s.

The Muslim world is rife with spousal abuse, rape, polygamy, sex slavery, and brutal punishment of women for everything from showing their ankle in public to accusing a man of rape without four witnesses. Honor killings are so common, they are even taking place in the West as police often turn a blind eye.

Women in Saudi Arabia and across the Muslim world deserve real rights. They can try to appeal the West and pretend to ease up their restrictions on the lives of their women, but at the end of the day, as long as they’re being governed by the teachings of Muhammad, women will never have the rights their Creator, who made them in His image, gives them.

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