Horrifying 911 Call Planned Parenthood Wants To Hide


“The night before my sister Cree died… she was very sorrowful. She was regretting it,” recounts Tyler Sheppard, a former Marine whose sister was killed by a botched abortion at an unknown facility.

Last June, Cree Sheppard went alone to a Planned Parenthood facility to get an abortion and an IUD. Afterward she experienced severe abdominal pain and bleeding that lasted for days. Her mother rushed her to the emergency room, where she was given pain killers and nausea medicine and sent home. The next day her mother realized she was stone cold and called 911 in a panic. What transpired is the following 911 call, which is sure to horrify you…

Cree died less than four days after the abortion. After what Tyler believes to be an attempted cover-up by autopsy administrators, he finally attained an autopsy report and found that his sister’s death was the result of a uterus perforation by the abortionist.

Tyler says his family was very close-knit. He told LifeSiteNews.com, “I want to know what happened. I want to know why my sister’s life wasn’t good enough to save!”

Many will see Cree’s sad story as a rarity. However, botched abortions are much more common than you might think.

This year alone, six thousand mothers in the U.S. will have complications as a result of botched abortions. Did you read that?? Six thousand moms! So not only is the media ignoring all the unborn babies being murdered, it is also silencing the stories of families like the Sheppards who are losing their grown daughters to the violent act of abortion. Furthermore, forty-seven-thousand mothers die from botched abortions every year worldwide. That’s one mother every seven minutes who will die worldwide through abortion.

Abortion rights advocates need to ask themselves an important question…How can so-called “doctors” be trusted with a mother’s health when they kill babies for a living? After all, these “doctors” are clearly willing to dishonor the hippocratic oath they took which promises to “do no harm” to their patients. Abortion kills a baby and risks the life of the mother as well. No one who kills for a living should be trusted with a woman’s health and safety. Please share this article if you care!