Horrifying: Baby Born Premature Denied Care By Hospital


We seem to live in the midst of a culture that is morbidly obsessed with self and with death as people continue to devalue human life, a truth that is evident by the horrifying ways we as a society treat our most vulnerable citizens: the elderly and the unborn.

What’s even more terrifying is that this attitude is spreading through more and more of the citizenry, making it socially acceptable to not only kill your baby in the womb, but for other injustices to be carried out against children.

One such example of this rapid decay in both the moral fabric of our nation and value of life is the story of a premature baby boy named River.

River’s tale is one of pure tragedy, sadness, and outrage. You see, this young, beautiful baby was brought into the world early and as a result, was denied care by the hospital, despite the pleas of his parents for help.

This is the story of the Millers and it’s one that reveals the true darkness of our times and points to the desperate need for true pro-life warriors to rise up and be the voice of the voiceless.

via Hoosiers For Life:

Andrew and Mackenzie Miller’s first baby, River, was born early and left to die. Once River was born, the doctors and nurses at Ball Memorial Hospital refused any type of medical intervention, despite pleas from his family to help.

Mackenzie Miller was admitted to Ball Memorial hospital in preterm labor at only 22 weeks and 1 day gestation. In order for her baby to even have a chance to survive, medical intervention was a must.

“Please, help our baby!” the family begged.

It was much too early for him to survive on his own.

Mackenzie realized this, and she also knew keeping River in her womb as long as possible was his best chance. Mackenzie stayed in her hospital bed, on an incline, fighting her body’s demand to push.

Though Mackenzie was willing to do it, the Millers knew she could not remain inclined in her bed or inhibit River’s birth forever. River was coming. What was the doctor’s plan once he was born? How was he going to help the baby?

The Millers were told there was no plan to help him live. No matter what, because he was not yet 23 weeks gestation, the plan was to let River die. Without an advanced neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Ball Memorial, the doctors said they could not and would not try to save River.

Andrew, Mackenzie, and the other family members present could not believe what the doctors were saying. Surely, there was something they could do. But would they?

Andrew asked for his wife to be transferred to different facility with a NICU. The hospital said, “No.”

The Millers asked for a steroid injection to help speed up River’s lung development. The hospital said, “No.”

River was only three days out from being able to receive the shot, an insignificant amount of time, yet the hospital doctors still refused to administer the steroids.

According to the medical staff, since this child was not 23 weeks old, they would do absolutely nothing to save him. No matter how you cut it, these doctors were violating their oath to save lives, all because of a hospital policy that says babies under 23 weeks old aren’t worthy to live.

Mackenzie went through the pain of labor, desperately trying to keep River in the womb for as long as possible, all the while her husband Andrew begged for doctors to help.

A nurse with a heart of stone finally spoke out and told the family with cold bluntness:

“Let me be clear. When the baby is born, we will do nothing.”

Not even seeing River brought into this world with his feet kicking and his attempts to breathe would convince Ball Memorial Hospital to take action that would save this sweet boy’s life.

Sadly, after two hours this poor child passed away, surrounded by a family that loved him. Despite the short time the Millers were given with them, they have stated they are very thankful for getting to see their son.

This child was not saved because the people of this hospital did not believe he was a life worth saving, an egregious violation of the oath these supposed medical professionals took to preserve life and do all in their power to serve those in need.

We must combat this mindset with Scripture and scientific fact, both of which support life beginning at conception. Life is a sacred gift from God, and since all humans are made in the image of God, they all have meaning and value.

We desperately need a return to this value system, otherwise more innocent children will end up just like River.

If you would like to show some support for the Millers you can get in contact with them here.

Also, Indiana state Rep. Curt Nisly has introduced a bill that is geared toward defending life from the moment of conception known as HB-1097, which is being opposed by Republican establishment politicians who say “this isn’t the right time” for such a piece of legislation.

There desperately needs to be a vote on this legislation and it’s right now on the desk of Rep. Ben Smaltz who has the authority to grant it a hearing.

You can help by contacting Smaltz at the following number: 317-232-9850.

There’s also a petition you can sign and share with others.