House Republicans File Articles of Impeach for “Violation of Duties As President”


Four House Republicans have filed articles of impeachment against Democratic President Joe Biden over what they say is a negligence of his duties.

While a Democratic majority in the House makes it highly unlikely that impeachment hearings will move forward anytime soon, the congressmen say they “couldn’t stand by” amid a concerning border crisis and the continued fallout of a much-criticized withdrawal from Afghanistan last month.

”Yesterday, I filed three articles of impeachment against President Biden based on what I believe to be clear violations of his duties as president,” Ohio Republican Rep. Bob Gibbs said in a statement after filing the articles on Tuesday.

“His willful negligence of the border crisis is a failure to maintain and defend American sovereignty. Biden’s attempts to extend a federal eviction moratorium despite the Supreme Court’s warning and his own admission that he has no power to do so is a blatant and intentional action that violates the separation of powers​,” he explained, according to The New York Post.

Gibbs is joined by Reps. Andy Biggs (AZ), Brian Babin (TX), and Randy Weber (TX).

The articles took aim at the way the administration has handled an influx of mostly Haitian illegal migrants that have crossed the border and allegedly been released into the interior of the U.S. without being given a court date.

They also addressed the concern that many of these migrants have been released into the general public after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Gibbs and his fellow congressmen also accused Biden of having “abandoned” American citizens in Afghanistan as the military formally withdrew late August, “willfully putting their lives at risk” as well as leaving millions of dollars’ worth of equipment in the hands of the Taliban.

“President Biden has executed a withdrawal policy that leaves Afghanistan in the hands of a terror-supporting regime and weakens America’s ability to prosecute the Global War on Terror,” the articles state.

Despite the unlikelihood that impeachment could move forward, Gibbs said he couldn’t stand by “while President Biden commits what I believe to be flagrant and deliberate violations of his oath of office.”​

“​I don’t take this step lightly. Before the Afghanistan debacle, I urged my colleagues to consider a measured, thoughtful conversation on the merits of impeachment,​” he also said.

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