Video: Houston Cop Breaks Down In Tears As His 4yo Daughter Sings Happy Birthday For Him

Footage making the rounds online shows a Houston police officer breaking down in tears as his 4-year-old daughter sings Happy Birthday for him over the phone.


According to The Daily Mail, at the time the video was filmed, Sgt. Nick Matson had not been home for six days as a result of his job tending to those in need of emergency assistance following Hurricane Harvey.

Considering some of the devastation we’ve seen concerning Hurricane Harvey’s effect on families, it’s not hard to see why Sgt. Matson was so emotional about hearing from his daughter.

See the clip below.

A number of people have subsequently taken to the web to express their feelings about the clip.

This is but one of many incredible stories to emerge in the wake of the tragedy that is Hurricane Harvey.

Volunteers all across the state have been putting their lives on the line to rescue those left stranded by the disaster.

Their backgrounds are incredible diverse; some are ex-military while others are simply Good Samaritans with the means and willpower to save lives.

Have a look at the video below to learn more about those brave souls risking it all to save their fellow humans during this tragedy.

The Daily Mail