Houston Police Chief Apologizes For Investigator’s Improper Identification Of Transgender Victim


In a culture that is absolutely obsessed with being outraged and has seemingly lost touch with reality and tossed common sense in the garbage, the kind of lunacy that went down in Houston this week involving a transgender murder victim is par for the course.

Houston Detective Phil Waters recently made a statement about a murder victim, who was transgender, describing him — and yes, it’s a “him” — as a “black male, probably 20s, dressed in women’s clothing.” As you might imagine, this immediately sent the LGBT community, along with do-gooders desperate for attention, into a feeding frenzy as they roamed the Internet looking to devour Waters and the HPD.

What’s even more ridiculous than the “outrage” over a detective obeying the laws of logic and science by calling a biological male, an actual biological male, is that Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo apologized for it.

According to KHOU:

While Waters’ statement was anatomically correct, Houston’s LGTBQ community quickly called it morally wrong.

The victim in the Brandon Street shooting was 26-year-old Brandi Seals.

She was found shot and killed in a newly constructed driveway. Police believe Seals may have been killed specifically because she was transgender.

At a vigil for the victim on the steps of City Hall Friday, Chief Acevedo spoke on the detective’s statement.

“As insensitive as the officer’s comments were, I believe it was a mistake of the mind and not of the heart.” Chief Acevedo said.

Acevedo added the department will work with The Montrose Center to better train officers to handle situations like this in the future.

This is the sort of junk our culture is concerned about these days, thanks in large part to the progressive agenda and it’s end goal of undermining the family unit, stripping it of power and authority, and willy nilly handing it over to the state.

Hashtag activism working hand-in-hand with the entitlement mindset that’s been beaten into our children’s heads through public schools and other forms of indoctrination happening in all levels of culture have now created a Frankenstein’s monster that has taken the form of a generation of people who honest-to-goodness think transgenderism, a mental illness, is normal behavior.

This detective was simply doing his job and obviously wanted to report the facts known about the victim, and whether the LGBT crowd likes it or not, this man’s DNA and anatomy clearly indicate he’s a biological male. Whether or not this man “feels” like a woman is irrelevant.

There was no reason for an apology to be made and the radical left will never stop pushing this agenda on us as a culture and society if we don’t stand up to it and refuse to play along with their insanity. Hopefully other police officers and those in positions of leadership will learn from this mistake.