HuffPost Launches Attack On Christianity, Claims LGBTs Are More Accepted By Muslims


A new report by the Huffington Post paints evangelical Christians as discriminatory against Muslims and members of the LGBTQ community.

A Pew Research Center survey found that 36 percent of evangelical Protestants are willing to accept homosexuals’ lifestyle choices, compared to 52 percent of Muslims.

The Huffington Post claims that, as a result, Muslims and members of the LGBTQ community have found common ground in their supposed-marginalization by Christians.

Queer Muslim activist Urooj Arshad said in an interview with the Post that it’s likely Muslims are accepting homosexuality because both groups have experienced discrimination by the hand of conservative Americans.

“Since September 11, the Muslim community has been dealing with severe erosion of their civil rights which has made the community more sympathetic to violations of civil rights against other marginalized communities in the U.S.,” Arshad told HuffPost.

The Huffington Post says in the article that “anti-Muslim activists often attempt to foment hatred against Muslims by claiming that Islam is inherently anti-queer.”

Well, it is anti-queer, in consideration of the fact that Muslims throw suspected-homosexuals off of roofs as punishment.

The accusations made by the Huffington Post against Christians become even more ridiculous as the article goes on. The Post cites another survey, for example, which suggests 63 percent of evangelicals “believe” the Muslim faith promotes violence and 72 percent “believe” there’s a conflict between the Muslim faith and democracy.

Let’s set the record straight, here: evangelicals “believe” these things because they’re true. Islam does promote violence (see the article linked above) and there is a conflict between Islam and democracy, because Islam has its own political ideology that is sharia law—which is both violent and a government framework.

These are lies perpetuated by the Huffington Post—lies that misrepresent facts and misguide readers, leading them to believe that these truths about the Islamic faith are not truths, but rather, “beliefs” by Christians that can simply be dismissed.

The Huffington Post also points out in its piece that “white evangelical Protestants” (but who’re the racist ones again?) support a small business owner’s right to refuse business to homosexuals if it would require them to provide a service that would go against their religious beliefs, (ie: the baker in Colorado).

The lies in the Post’s article go on and on. It claims that “anti-LGBT” and “anti-Muslim” attitudes have become “litmus tests” in many Christian communities.

This is false. And it’s a vast misrepresentation of the beliefs of Christians, who love the sinner but hate the sin and want good for all human beings, regardless of who that person is, what they look like, or how they choose to live their lives.

Nevertheless, the “hate the sin” part of this equation requires that Christians condemn their actions. Love does not require that a person condone another’s behavior. It simply requires that one person desire good for the other as far as it can be obtained.

Christians must condemn the sin, but they do not condemn the sinner. It’s that simple.

And this is one of the many inherent differences between Christianity and the Islamic faith.

Source: Huffington Post