HUGE: Roy Moore Accuser Admits to Forging Yearbook, Reporter Coached Her Through Confession


The controversy surrounding Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore is proving to be a perfect example of why we as a society really need to return to the whole “innocent until proven guilty” principle our nation was founded on, as ideologically we’ve all but chucked it out the window.

One of Moore’s accusers, Beverly Young Nelson, has come out and admitted that she actually forged a part of the school yearbook that she and her attorney Gloria Allred have been using to build their case against the judge.

Nelson’s credibility has been suspect for some time, with even the woman’s family saying she’s not trustworthy, and the fact she did indeed forge part of this yearbook only serves to discredit her and expose the assault being launched against Moore, a Christian man who isn’t afraid to act on his convictions.

We all know what a threat men and women like that are to the status quo in both parties, don’t we? Just look at what happened to Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis for daring to uphold state law on marriage.

Nelson isn’t the only one taking a huge hit to their credibility, as it appears that already disgraced media network ABC News called the inscription added by the accuser “notes,” and the reporter who spoke to her on the matter seemed to coach her through the interview, essentially giving her the words to say.

Breitbart has more details:

“Nelson admits she did make notes to the inscription,” ABC News tells us. “But the message was all Roy Moore.”

“Beverly, he signed your yearbook,” ABC News reporter Tom Llamas says.

“He did sign it,” she replies.

“And you made some notes underneath.”

“Yes,” Nelson says.

And then, after a woman admits to forging a document used in a campaign to destroy the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, ABC News quickly moves on as though it is not news of extraordinary consequence.

Llamas also fails to ask any follow-ups, such as “If the explanation is this simple, why wait all these weeks to offer it?” Or, “Why did you lie?”

Nelson has accused Moore of trying to assault her when she was 16-years-old, an accusation that now, looking at all of the credibility issues this woman has, seems awfully convenient. What with an election so close and all.

The election is four days away and Nelson’s admission of forgery will no doubt play some sort of role in swaying voters Moore’s direction, which means this is a particularly good news day for him, a man who has been through the ringer and stood his ground, refusing to be bullied by those on the right and left.

While the evidence is building against Nelson’s credibility, many may ask why exactly she would launch such an attack against Moore? Well, she actually does have some motivation.

Judge Moore actually ruled against her in her 1999 divorce case, which no doubt left a rather bitter taste in Nelson’s mouth.

What’s truly infuriating is that the evidence against Nelson has been building for weeks now, but yet the media either downplayed things or completely remained silent.

Many of the individuals bringing up accusations against Moore have been shown to be less than truthful people, thanks to the investigative efforts of New Media outlets.

Let’s continue to pray for Moore and his senate run, as the vote is this coming Tuesday.