‘Human Ken Doll’ Plans Most Drastic Surgery Yet…A Sex Change


The man who has spent thousands of dollars to perfect his incredibly plastic image now claims he wants the “best of both worlds.”

This is, of course, the natural conclusion of an addiction to plastic surgery in a world that sees gender as fluid.

Rodrigo Alves, 34, has undergone 58 surgeries to have his face and body physically altered to appear as what many call a “human Ken doll”, although he says that was never his intention.

He says that now, because he is beginning to age, he will slowly begin surgical treatments to alter his appearance to a woman (a woman who will presumably resemble a Barbie.)

Speaking to The Sun, he said that

I have hair loss from all the medication and surgeries I have had, also I’m 34-years-old so not young anymore, also as a man we start producing hormones that trigger hair loss. I will be having 3,000 single hairs implanted over six hours follicle-by-follicle from the sides of my head into my hairline and then stem cells injected too. After six months the results should be drastic, it will help to bring my hairline lower and make it fuller. I am happy looking how I am for the moment but I don’t want to age looking as a plastic modified man, I want the best of both worlds.

The Daily Wire says that this procedure will cost roughly $25,000.

Alves is the subject of a new reality show called Plastics of Hollywoodwhich follows clients of a talent agency by the same name that represents surgery addicts with freakish appearances.

The show will feature people who have spent thousands to turn into real-life dolls, elves, blowup dolls, or of course, appear as the opposite sex.

To say nothing of the moral perversion of deciding to be a woman for the sake of mere vanity when one is 34-years-old; if Alves already dumped a fortune into altering their physical appearance to such bizarre standards, the sky is, of course, the limit.

It is disgusting to think that someone can be addicted to something as complicated, expensive, and dangerous as plastic surgery, but here you have the extreme example. This stems originally from a deep spiritual problem, and people like Alves and his co-stars on Plastics of Hollywood will never be satisfied.

No matter how much money these people spend, their bodies are still mortal and will pass away. They will only be able to prevent aging for so long, and they will never be able to change the genetics God created them with.

The only chance they have at the perfection they chase in vain is Jesus Christ.