Human Rights Campaign Updates Pride Flag to Include People of Color…for Some Reason


Since when did being a minority become a sexual identity?

The iconic gay rainbow flag apparently now gets updated as much as the confusing LGBTAAIPQRSP, etc., and for some reason, now includes black and brown stripes to represent, well, black and brown people.

LGBTQ Nation reports that the prominent LGBT activist group Human Rights Campaign is now sporting the updated flag in their window:

The Human Rights Campaign has installed a rainbow flag window cling at their new DC headquarters. The flag is a recent version with brown and black stripes added to be more inclusive of people of color.

First adopted by the city of Philadelphia, the updated flag has proven controversial, but other queer organizations around the world have now announced they will use the updated version.

The new flag is apparently rather controversial in the LGBT community, as apparently some people are at least ideologically consistent enough to realize that ethnicity has nothing to do with sexual identity.

Apparently, according to one activist, the new colors don’t really fit the theme:

“Symbols are about meaning and aesthetics. The rainbow flag is by definition inclusive and always has been,” trans activist Rebecca Juro wrote in an op-ed for LGBTQ Nation when the updated flag was unveiled.

“Its brightly colored stripes already have specific meanings, and none of them have anything to do with race. Taken as a whole, it’s well-known what the rainbow flag means and that it represents the entire LGBT community.”

This person is, however, apparently just upset that there was no trans stripe added to the flag in its Philly debut. You see, in intersectional politics, trans people are superior in victimhood to people of color.

Speaking of intersectionality, this is likely the reason behind the inclusion of black and brown stripes in the flag to begin with. The entire philosophy is based on how much one can virtue signal as to the degree to which they care for and “ally” with marginalized people; in the same way, BLM has been vocal about their support for LGBT causes.

Causes are no longer about the individuals they’re supposed to support, but about a monolithic ideology of victim status hierarchy.

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