Human Trafficking Activists in Ohio Identify Opening of “Spa” Just Blocks From Local School-Action Needed


While wealthy celebrities consider themselves brave for wearing certain colors to their lavish award ceremonies in response to the #MeToo movement, the real war against women rages on in America and they barely bat an eye.

We’re talking about human trafficking, the booming black market industry that is a cancer to the globe and happening right in our own backyard.

“Massage parlors” and “spas” are often a hub for sex slavery and human trafficking, where male customers receive sex acts in exchange for money. The Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force has identified an Asian massage parlor that will soon be opening in the Westerville Square retail complex in Westerville, Ohio.

This “massage parlor” is obviously just another brothel for sex slave prostitution, and it will be right down the street from two schools!

The group warns that the Orchid Spa will be right down the street from Cherrington Elementary School and Westerville South High School and that if parents and citizens do not want local children to be exposed to this filth, they need to join their efforts to block this spa from opening now.

The spa has obtained a permit from the City of Westerville to renovate the retail space as a spa. The space they are planning on operating from is owned by Ohio-based retail leasing firm The Hadler Companies.

As soon as the word got out that this business was looking to open in Westerville Square, citizens took their concerns right to the city, forcing the city to respond.

Massage parlors of this nature are known epicenters for human trafficking and prostitution and operate very differently than legitimate health spas, where massage therapists are required to be formally trained and licensed by the state.

A recent Facebook post from the City of Westerville explained that steps have been taken to require any massage parlors to be staffed by properly licensed massage therapists, which will take effect on February 16th. They invited community members to attend an upcoming meeting on February 6th to voice their concerns.

More information from the City of Westerville on proposed and existing massage businesses:The City of Westerville is…

Posted by City Government of Westerville, Ohio on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Community members were not impressed with this statement, however, and found it lacking a serious enough response.

The City of Westerville should know full well what the nature of this business is and take more action to protect the local children from it’s toxic influence and criminal activity. Human traffickers kidnap young girls and it’s right down the street from a high school!

If you live in the area, please make sure to contact the City of Westerville’s Community Affairs Coordinator, Christa Dickey at and let her know exactly what you think about this “business”!

We MUST take a stand against human trafficking wherever we can, and it starts in our own communities!