Hundreds Of Citizens Stand Up To The Texas Legislature: “End This Holocaust, Protect Life!”


So many Americans have been tirelessly fighting for justice against the holocaust against unborn children. Little by little, we’re seeing tremendous results, but some major milestones may soon be on the horizon.

In a Monday night hearing in the Texas state legislature that lasted over eight hours, more than 300 citizens testified in favor of House Bill 896, a bill that would fully and immediately outlaw abortion in the state.

Pastors, post-abortive mothers, fathers who regretted supporting or asking their partners to have abortions, men and women who narrowly escaped aborted themselves, and precious little children all addressed the House committee and urged them to do their job: protect all human life.

Christian News Network reports:

“Since when has killing any human being been legal?” “Our Constitution never said that murder is a right or a privilege.” “Why does size matter? A human being is a human being.” These were among the many points made during the hearing at the state capitol before the House Committee on Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence.

“When I was 15 years old, I went into an abortion clinic in Houston, Texas, and I paid someone to murder my child,” a pastor’s wife testified. “No one forced me. I made the choice on my own and stood guilty before God with my child’s blood on my hands. The only thing that convinced me to do it was our laws that allow us to murder our children. Please stop this. I’m begging you.”

In an especially heartbreaking testimony, another pastor’s wife stated that she became pregnant while using hormonal birth control, but she didn’t realize its back-up mechanism of aborting a successfully conceived baby until she suddenly experienced severe cramping and delivered her tiny child at home:

“What I saw next will forever be seared on my heart. What I was holding in my hands had little arms, a little body, and little legs,” she explained. “Unbeknownst to me, I had been pregnant. The realization turned to shock, and the shock turned to grief.”

“I stand before you today as a 31-year-old woman without a womb,” she continued. “I am childless because I believed what doctors told me, and as a result, my ability to have biological children has been taken from me.”

“Please pass this bill so that young women are no longer fooled by doctors into making the worst of decisions that they can never change,” she declared. “Ignore Roe. It does nothing but harm.”

Another woman testified that a past abortion had left her unable to have children ever again. She adopted a baby girl who herself had been conceived by rape, and that wonderful child is now a mother to her own four children: “We’re aborting generations, and we’re aborting them based on having told young women lies.”

One woman, a survivor of rape who aborted the resulting child, expressed her heart-rending regret after thinking that “ripping apart my child would end my suffering.”

“She did not deserve the death penalty I and my government paid [her] for this crime,” she declared.

A man who has since become an ardent voice for the unborn spoke of his past experience in which he consented to his then-girlfriend having an abortion that “ruined her life.”

“If I had told her that I would stand by her, she would not have done it. But I was a selfish, cowardly man at that time in my life,” he stated. “I turned my back on her and I turned my back on my own child. I’m thankful to God for His great mercy and His grace.”

Some legislators present at the hearing, while against abortion themselves, voiced their hesitancy to pass any bills that would punish mothers who receive abortions, Christian News reported.

Chairman Jeff Leach, R-Plano, told those gathered, “I hate abortion. I agree with everything that’s been said. To me, it is absolutely, unequivocally murder.” He quoted from the Book of Jeremiah, which states that God knew Jeremiah in his mother’s womb.

However, he also indicated that he was similarly wrestling with the idea of whether women who are pressured to obtain an abortion should face punishment.

“What about women who are trafficked and coerced into abortions?” he asked.

Rep. James White, R-Woodville and co-sponsor of the bill, stated that he had thought about the matter and pondered the responsibility of the men who push women to have their unborn child killed.

“Everybody has to stand before the Lord in judgment, but I am really grappling with these dudes that are driving these women, and husbands in some instances, compelling them and leaving them abandoned,” he said.

“So, there’s a lot of finger pointing to go around. There’s a lot of soul searching and navel-gazing,” White stated. “We need to look at this men, and all us of as men need to start stepping up and standing up, and being men too.”

Citizens retorted, however, noting that “without consequences, there is no responsibility” and no “protection”.

Another said that not all mothers who seek abortions are mere “victims and can’t be responsible for their crimes.” The law would also allow for applicable charges to be determined by the prosecutor and decided by a jury, just like any other case of murder or manslaughter.

“It is for the courts and juries to weigh the facts of each case to determine the party responsible for the murder of the baby,” one man stated. “A trafficked woman who is literally coerced into an abortion has zero culpability compared to the pimp or the abortionist. But, if this bill is passed, pimps would no longer have legal, nice looking facilities to hide their atrocities.”

“These exceptions where a mother can do something a father can’t do, [they need to be removed],” a police officer declared to the lawmakers. “A father, if he doesn’t want to accept responsibility of his child and slips pills into a drink, and takes the life of his child, that’s capital murder. A mother, [if] she slips a pill [and] doesn’t want to accept responsibility — down her throat, takes the life of an individual, it’s fine, pat on the back.”

By the close of the hearing, which lasted all night and into the early hours of the morning, 330 of the 504 people who had signed up to testify had been heard. Their message was loud and clear:

“I think you know that abortion is murder. I think you do want to end it. Failure to pass this bill out of committee is a death sentence” for children, one man exhorted.

“Who needs your help more than those who can’t speak for themselves, who are being ripped apart limb from limb by vacuums and forceps?” another asked.

“You have a chance to end this Holocaust. Let it be the beginning to the end of abortion in America,” a young teenage girl urged.

“History will record your names as those who either murdered babies or saved them,” another warned. “Remember your oath. Punish wickedness, protect the innocent, and not the opposite.”

HB 896, titled the “Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act,” would legally codify the fact that human life begins at conception, and grant unborn children the same rights and protections any other child has under the law.

While a vote was not taken after the hearing had concluded, but the bill could still be voted on at any time.

We cannot let this opportunity to defend these innocent children slip through our fingers. We must demand our elected representatives to protect all citizens, regardless of age, and we must encourage them to pass laws that would allow them to do so.

Keep your eye on this bill!


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