Hundreds of Pro-Life Advocates Peacefully Protest Planned Parenthood in Florida Community


One of the most powerful ways to fight against the left’s abortion agenda is by a unified front and gathering together to make our voices be known. Hundreds of Florida residents did just that the Monday prior to Thanksgiving in protest of  Planned Parenthoods’ plans to move into the St. Lucie area. 

WPTV News 5 reported that “nearly 200 pro-life advocates in Port St. Lucie packed a Port St. Lucie commission meeting” with the goal of letting the city commissioners know they aren’t interested in being neighbors with the country’s leading abortion mill. The new Planned Parenthood is set to open in January.

Many in the crowd shared their own very personal stories about why they are pro-life. One woman, Clair Faunce, explained how she deeply regrets aborting her first baby and how she made adoption plans for her second baby who went on to live a really great, successful life.

“And now she’s an actress and singer on Broadway…” Faunce said. “She sent me the most beautiful thank you letter thanking me for giving her life — and an amazing life.”

“I’m against Planned Parenthood because of what it has done and what it is doing to women,” she stated.

According to WPFP 25 News, Thomas Lawlor, another pro-life demonstrator, asked the city commissioners, “Do you want defenseless babies dying here every day?” What a somber thought to consider.

“God will hold the leaders of this city, which includes you, accountable,” Port St. Lucie resident, Brian Longworth, pointed out.

However, as WPTV News 5 reports, the Mayor told the residents there, unfortunately, is nothing much the city commission can do in this situation.

Mayor Greg Oravec, while appreciative of their passion, told the crowd they were not bringing their concerns to the right place. The city has no say in whether or not Planned Parenthood comes to Port St. Lucie. They are already moving into a building zoned appropriately for their use.

“You’re going to be advocating to a group that has no power to intervene on this application. So, I would personally encourage you to continue to be passionate and advocate at the state and federal level where you can actually influence the laws that control it,” Oravec said.

Though the Mayor admitted there wasn’t much recourse for the city commission, it’s refreshing to see an elected official behave in a compassionate and understanding way towards the pro-life movement, at the very least. But still, he is shirking is God-ordained responsibilities to defend the lives of his residents. What’s more important, going by the letter of a godless man-made law, or taking a stand for life? 

Let’s pray that this group of pro-life advocates take the Mayor’s advice and continues speaking up for the unborn in Florida, to state lawmakers. This is the way we will end abortion. One community, and elected or appointed official, at a time being willing to stand up and say, “No more,” to the $1.66 billion dollar death factory that is Planned Parenthood.


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